Sunday, November 30, 2008

to kill a mockingblog

what a lame book. what a lame class. my brother fucked with my blog. its pretty humorous. im going to leave it.i guess this means my brother reads this blog. my dads sitting next to me like hes my best fucking friend and doesnt represent everything i hate. hes laughing at stupid things.
oh my family.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Its Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.

"my grandmother lives in my butthole"
rolls off the tounge.
well. now that ive wasted enough space to feel like ill write a respectable length blog, i feel obligated to tell you about my thanksgiving. i woke up to my dad flipping the fuck OUT. my dad is messed up like fuck. i dont usually say this, but he should be medicated. or take a program or something. or just chill the fuck out. i just kinda layed there for a while. there is no wat that that was proper grammar. deal with it. i began making my tofurkey. im not gonna lie, that jaunt was adorable. my uncle showed up two full days early and kept bragging about how fast he went on his girlfriend.i stood around awkwardly (w/boner) and looked like i was doing something important. everyone came and stood around awkwardly. i petted the dog. still not proper grammar. fight me for it. i always pet the dog when boners show up. it got really awkward til i got to the kids table.that always more fun. i met christines religious leader. hes pretty cool. hes patriarchal and plays drums. you know who else is homophobic and plays drums? everyone who kicks bass. hes none of those people that ever really grew up. but not in the creepy low budget movie way. in that "release your inner child" kind of way.he got into this really loong discussion aout kirby. i had to play with sam for the redt of the day. that kid has no attention span. he was all like "lets go outside!" then as soon as we got outside hed be like "peanut butter brady face" and before i could get the peanut butter in hed be like " I AINT NEVA SCARED!!!!!" so we went outside and fought.

"my hands arent dirty. theyre clean."
-noam chomsy 2004

Escape Frome The A-Blog House

ive been punching my dog in the stomach less and less lately. not because i dont want to just because im really lazy.lets take it back a few days. fuck academies. i know im gonna be in drumline i dont need an entire day of school to tell me that. my prussian class had like 4 fucking people in it. we had a "guest speaker" who didnt say anything . she did get the security called on those cops though. mad kudos. we had a essay the next period. farts and excommunication makes the worst baklava. its really important. and they mad it sound like a fuckup academy. it was like, "i cant maintain an erection" THEN THIS IS THE ACADEMY FOR YOU! the bell rang. we left. asshole security guards told us the bell did not ring.we went back. we were the only four kids that did go back.upon arriving at band mr dan grande basically told us "i was drunk in a bar and then kissed her" . i admire his spunk.we went on to play. jordan stick clicked me. i felt accomplished. my sleigh bell callusses are getting pretty hardcore. my finger calluses keep eling off though. its really annoying. we went to tech class and nothing happened. then we watched a lame movie in some random class. i recieveda facebook im asking me to go to chipotle. i was broke and had no ride home afterwards so naturally i said yes.i planned it out through a series of sketchy one word texts to parents/kids who might have money. got a couple bucks from scott and met up with lauren and moira. we walked really far behind the rest of the group. it was pretty damn cold. at chipotle zach offered to by me a big bag of lube with lube dripping out the sides. i didnt know him at all. what a good person. we ate in the bathroom because i am not a full person and they want me to stay away from the customers. i said something about "adopt a lesbian child" and lauren and emily found it hilarious. i met a lot of people that day. i also learned that there are other people out there who are misogynistic and listen to nofx. i was the only one not weaing my dad's work clothes. maribeth found a wand that made doorbell sounds. maribeth seems pretty cool. i met annalise too, after previously telling her i was a make-a-wish kid. people told me to steal stuff. i didnt. because it was borders. thats like stealing knowledge. i went to a gas station that didnt have arizona. how can you legally call yourself a dick sucing truck and not have arizona? i then went to olde towne and got some arizona. after sketchily waiting outside the schooby myslef i got picked up by my dad.
and i lived happily ever after.
the end.
how can i laugh tomorrow when i cant even smile today?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh blog, i think im dead.

im listening to sea lion by sage francis. so good. you know whats not so good? this blog. its been going down hill. just like my grades.i got a d on my physics test and i didnt even care. i remember last year i wouldve probably freaked out or cried or cut myself or something. what a loser. i hope i dont do good in high school. i hope i cant make i to college. that way ill be forced to have fun with my life instead of joinging a frat knocking someone up and getting stuck with a bunch of are gross. they always have colds and are licking shit. thats not healthy.neither is the skin on my hand. i seriously need some fucking lotion. its ridiculous. they get itchy whenever i close them. and ive reopened the split on my knuckles several times today. at least i dont have tendanitis like chris. that jaunt must suck. my drum teacher would always used to tell me that if i didnt bend my fingers back i wouldnt be able to open doors. it freaked me the fuck out. i do it every time i play. we had a fire drill in band. it was fun. willie wilson said "sup" to me. happiest fucking day of my life. not "fags" or "ladies" but "sup". i think im just gonna quit drumming now. theres nothing more to accomplish. i really need to take lessons again. im not getting any better. i just keep playing the same things over and over again. i think im gonna start a rap journal. and try to rhyme a page a day for a year. then itll battle scotts acoustics and we'll see whos more punx. i know id only do it for like a day though. when people freestyle, check how many times they rhyme the words "hey" and "gay". its astounding. i think mrs lotto popped. maybe we will stop being fed white mans bullshit. i hope her child grows up and gets arrested for dissent. today she taught us about how great the patriot act is. i think the government just has her scared shitless. im going to try to be much more intense. i need a faux leather jacket and studs.and a knife.have you ever seen saw? lauren thought that was so funny. andrew kulesh apparently knows lauren. i repeatedly tell kulesh im writing songs about his sister. im not sure if he kknows that im serious.i hope scotts done with it. i am not looking forward to thanksgiving. every year every relative gives me shit about being vegan. they make it sound like its a disease.sometimes its fun though. we bought a tofurkey. its adorable.its like the size of a fist and weighs five pounds. i really need to do my math project. i probably wont. fuck math. im just gonna take stat next year and call it quits. i need to comb my hair. i think ill do one side this weekend then call it quits. growing up really fucking sucks. find that video amazing. fuck life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

9mm and a three piece blog

Everyone has posted extremely short blogs today. I refuse to stoop to their should be ashamed. my music player is going at double speed. it kicks ass. im wasting my fucking life. but not in tyhe "im not accomplishing anythning" kind of way. the "why the fuck im i sitting here and not having fun" kind of way. like this summer. i hung out like, maybe 8 times. i cant wait get my license. just so that i could go to shows. im playing another show on the 19th. represent. christmas eve massacre. how low feat. david delarosa. more tba. contrary to popular belief, this show will not actually happen. fight me. somebody honesty boxed me saying "your by far one of the most amzing people ive ever met. you FUCKING ROCK" how kind. i want to know who said it but i dont care that much. im watching home movies. its making me reminiscent. i wish it hadnt got canceled. Jason Toner friended me on facebook. its making me reminiscent. i miss the how low shows. i miss hanging out with my brother. and shawn. that kid was fucking crazy. we listened to good charlotte in hiscar once. i had "the little things" stuck in my head all day. today was so fucking depressing. this blog is so fucking depressing. im really afraid that there wont be a gaithersburg music scene within the next few years. there are no fucking punks. music is dead. all the good labels are dead. except plan-it-x. so fuxin good. i want to find the dvd and comp so bad. i dont think illsleep tonight. im just gonna listen to music. absolutely nothing happened today. i just kinda made vegan mac and cheese. but i spilled a shitloa of paprika into it. its all reddish gonna be one of those people that just eats. all the time. and ill cook like a stereotypical woman from the 20s. and ill get an apron thatg says something humorous like "kiss the chef" and youd think it was a joke but it was really my plea for attention. my message ofdesperation. then id leave the window open in the winter while taking a shower. and id get pnueomonia. and id almost die. because id want to. but i wouldnt die. and people would send me cards like "get well soon" and "Wishing you well". but they wouldnt really mean it. theyd just be buying a cheap piece of shit that was written by people with dollar signs in there eyes. and id become angry and bitter. then christmas would come around. and id remember the old times i spenrt with my family. and id have a little hope. and id donate a bunch of shit a place. and id give a baloon and a coat to a cold homeless child on the street. then id get a letter saying everyone id ever knew or loved died. then id die.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

what makes you think is blog would ever want me again?

id like to apologize. to you, this blog and most of all myself. i neglected a responsibility and i will never be able to change it. im sorry. i understand if you refuse to continue reading.i know who my real friends are. there reading this. i can already tell this isnt going anywhere. a shitload of stuff happened but id rather type aimlessly. im in a really weird mood. i want to listen to really lame chill music. like feist and merian ag and stuff. so weird. british music is realllllly weird. you know what else has to do with music? i fixed my snare drum. i had a really long discussion over what a snare drum was. im extremely proud of myself. it was all shaky and shit and sounded terrible because i broke myhead. it sounds so good now. like. rich undertones and what not. if it wasnt midnight id be playing right now. ive been playing drums so much lately. cuz that show inspired me. what show you might ask? the empire state show. prior to it i hung out in gaithersburg for like five hours. it was cold as fuck. me and scott met lauren at the flagpole at 2 20. we then took the ride on to chipotle. i was really nervous. cuz id never taken a bus before and had no idea h to tell where a bus was going. lizbeth stood next to me on the bus. wich was really awkward cuz i didnt notice for a long time. and we had made eye contact and what not. chipotle is so good. i was so glad my mom had thrown a ten at me in the morning. it was filled with kids from so many different schools. i repeatedly said "GHS DRUMLINE. SAY.SOMETHING." Lauren told me i should be a comedian. it made me feel good about myself. i said no. being a comedian is the greediest fucking thing you can do. its selling your personality. we were in chipotle for like an hour and a half. no joke. we we just kinda sitting there. it was really fun though. i always pray to satan before i put on my shoes. i was gonna buy some chips but didnt. lauren left to go baby sitting. me and scott went to the mall. i saw ONE gaithersburg kid there. and she was like a pom or cheerleader or something. so lame. we went to zumies even though i was broke. i asked if they had five dollar bearings. they did not. we went to hot topic to see if davd delarosa was there. he was not. there was the girl i saw last time. she did NOT get a throat tatoo. we then went to hollister. did you know they have less thanjake at hollister? WHAT. THE. FUCK. im not sure i can listen to them ever again. i will definitely never respect them. me ad scott lost sooooo many punk points at the mall. we didnt lose the game the whole time though, which is really weird cuz lauren was there. after that we hit victor litz. mike didnt quit. my life is a little brighter. after that we went to the show. when we got there, the 8th grade guitarist was PRACTICING AMP JUMPS. i can and will fight him. what he did to music, shows, and over all human decency is inexcusable. all there songs were pretty lame, and or about god. the second band was the jube experience. people always told me i would be famous, but i never believed them. the first song was ska!!!!PLAYSKAPLAYSKAPLKAYSKA. it was really good, the guitarist was amazing. and is my friend on facebook. but needs to take less solos. seriously. we get that your better than us. matt rabassa is a god. a god that would not play i get wet. what the hell. we left before jesus could say shit. i have really good news.

all my songs are still on my brothers ipod.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i loved to watch them blog.

Kevin P. reads this blog. i just won. you may all stop blogging now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

blogging, like the season.

i feel like i migghtve accidentaly made two posts. ill find out later. im pissed like someone whos quitting smoking on there period. my ipod is officially dead. i tried everything. th computer wont recognize it. i had to listen to the RADIO in the morning. do you know how bad popular music is!??!?DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS FUCKING LIKE TO LISTEN TO "PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC" AT 6 AM!!?!?!?!?they say six fucking words in that song. i will tell you how to make radio music.
Drums-tambourines. always. and always snare on two and four.unless the singers black. then claps on bass, because people dont want to hear anything but the snare or claps. because white people with no rythm dont want to accidentally snap at the wrong time. that sits embarassing.
guitar- same cliche strum pattern. always.ALWAYS.and theres always gonna be a stop followed by a two count crescendo. trust me.
singer-luckily high pitched squeaky voices are out of fashion. using the nickelback voice is a must. one chorus, one verse. repeat thoroughly. use word "Girl" because your talking about females in general, and basically trying to get laid. ussmall words so middle aged people can sing a long. thats the only reason they listen to music.
bass- seriously, who gives a fuck.

i felt sick as shit after that bus ride. and kevin tackled me when i got off. i dont remember much after that. me and scott have another show with an emo band. theres a show at the basement on friday. im gonna mosh. and punch nicole and other small girls in the face. and ask where there gods are now. i cant recall doing anything in russian. in social studieswe were supposed to talk about ww1 but we just talked about charles manson. becuase no one cares about that war. its all about the second one. mr grande wasnt threre again. i hung out with scott joe and chris. maggie was talking shit about my singing. we cant all have the beatiful voice of an angel. its not my fault i cant make my heart skp by singing the word "radio". it was then tech class. that class has been getting lamer. lunch has been getting lamer too. maybe im just getting lamer. who knows. we had one of those "make you look like an idiot read all the instructions class". i did read read all the directions. no where did it say not to do stupid shit. so i did it anyway. physics was hard as fuck. were doing planet physics. when will that ever matter ever. mr o connor killed a bug then made "people for the eatinof tasty animals" jokes. fuck. you. bloodmouth. ill fucking kill your family. in defense of all life.we had THREE tests in english. luckily my best friend ever not including zoe gave me a 100%. i also got her number. girls like guys who break their phones. i got colleens number. and i will never stop bragging about it.ever. mrs optican asked me if i watched the dvd. i have not. ive had it for like three months. i probably lost it. id like to take a moment to be extremely serious about an issue that affects us all. gather around children. id like to talk to you about blog war. its important that we dont choose sides. think of the blog children. growing up without blogmom or dad. both sides have valid points. they need to make up. conditions for blog make up will be posted later. the important thing is the reading of this blog is continued. ive had random ass rashes on my hands all day. like a meth addict. danny was running around in a blanket and said hi to me. everything in that sentence points to him being high. i really miss drumline. i wanna play drums so bad.
im gonna go play drums so bad.
gimme yo number.

Monday, November 17, 2008

malt liqour tastes better when your blogging.

i could cry. i really could. my ipod broke. i have no backups cuz someone deleted the songs on the computer. i have no fucking idea why anyone would do that. seriously. this has happened like a million times before.fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. i dont know if life is worth living anymore.instead of listening to music on the bus ill just cut myself. no ones gonna mess with a bleeding kid. would you? no. no you wouldnt. im gonna watch the notebook on satuday. speaking of love andrew is the biggest cock block in the world. i was putting the moves on moiraand he just comes out of no where and grabs me. and my game was tight. i was definitely gonna get laid. only i respect moira far too id be about to get laid then leave. like they told us in health class. i made a pom feel bad about themselves. what a great day.there was a freeday in band today. we wrote a song about mix tape. its easily our best song ever. if any of them are reading this, i want to make love to your music. but after a stable relationship and marriage. like black jesus intended. they are selling a pole as an excercise machine 4 60 bucks on tv. people are stupid. especially fat people about losing wait if that product has made enough money to advertise on tv outside of the montgomery county channel at 4 am. ive been on that channel on 4 am. people always said i would be famous. emily hasnt mentioned me in her blog ever. and she promised she would. but its cool. so the same day my ipod broke my new phone came. which is a whole nother load of bullshit that i dont need. gimme yo number cuz i lost it. annas good at taking pictures. im gonna call annas mom constantly. best. accent. ever. i will never be able to get her bracelet off again. which is the way it should be. i wont be able to sleep tonight without music. ill probly fight someone tommorow. i think only 6 people read this. im just gonna give up and start writing a journal in really bad handwriting. so much more punx. i hung out with lauren for the first time in ever today. i missed that girl. her eyes have changed. joe needsto be less of a player. hes gonna get a bunch of stds or something.i just lost the game. whenever i say it it always has the same response. a group of people saying "fuckkkkkkkkkk" while sighing. you know what im talking about.i tottaly b lew off all my homework today. ill do it in tech class tommorow. he told me he was worried about me. im positive he thinks im doing drugs in the bathroom.killallhumans. if one more person says "it was so full of win" or anything along those fucking lines ill fucking stab them. no joke.emilys status is "sleeping, text me". i think i will. i need a fucking hug. not from you. dont fucking touch me. my jaunts almost out of battery. fuck life. fuck my life.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

out of step with the blog.

its like i wasnt even trying on that title. seriously. i should be dissaponted in me. who the fuck are you to ask me how my day was. my day was great. my weeekend was not. yesterday i just sat around all day listening to minor threat. not that theres anything wrong with that. ian mckaye looks like he could easily be a nazi. like slayer. brandon shanks likes slayer. what a nazi. maybe he should go kill jews and use the n word.but hes alright. were gonna make a hardcore band. scott says brandon "thinks" im hardcore. what the fuck. if your trying to say something say it to my face.i woke up today to find a text from anna on my phone. what a dfelightful way to start my day. i will tell you what it said. it said i should go to the mall. do you know what they have at the mall? ritas.fuckyeahfuckyeahfuckyeah. i remember when there was only ritas in ocean city. its the best thing ever. naturally i said yes right away. i walked out of my room and asked my dad to drive me to the mall. he said he didnt want to drive me because he "drives that way every day". what the fuck is that even supposed to mean. EVERY DAY INCLUDES TODAY JACKASS! i began cleaning until he felt bad enough to takem me. in the end my mother took me. i showed up with cupcakes in hand to celebrate laurels veganism. this led to EXTREME dissapointment. laurel broke. veganism and SxE. i no longer have any respect for her at all. but i still love that girl. they liked my cupcakes. i was way to cised to go to ritas. i got green apple. i ate it while waiting for them outside of the girls room. and io was still happy.cuz that shit is amazing. we then took photos. ive never been in one of them booths. its claustraphobic in that jaunt,. there are only supposed to be two people. we had to split up the pictures. it split up my heart. we went to hot topic. that place represents everything i hate.i saw alyssa there? yes i did. alyssas pretty cool. for someone i dont know very well. we talked to the employee. she had gauges. julia nitler has gauges. i dont know her very well either. she still seems cool. we met up with brandon. i didnt know brandon. i vaugley do know. he talked shit about nofx. what the fuck. only punx who like the musuic but hate fat mike can do that. i had some maui taco. laurel and brandon drunk my drank. they didnt even ask. they just went for it. then yelled at me to get a refill. i dont need that.seriously. brandopn needs to like hardcore.anna was sick. im starting to feel feverish. whatever. im not gonna hold anything against her.they left. i wandered around awkwardly til my brother picked me up. we went home and my rrelatives came over. they made me play quads. why the fuck would they want to hear that. me and my borhter actually talked. we havent done that in a while. which sucks. but i cant blame him. mhy cousin wants to be in a band called the flaming guitars.we think he should start a gang called the potomac death crew. my great uncle sung la cucuracha. the real version of that song is about marijuona. thats the one he sings. my brother played that song i love. the one he always played in the basement with the lights off without an ending that none of you have probably heard. it was a good day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your BlogDamn Ass

My R key is broken. excuse its abscence in the future. because i will forget to hold it down. your reading my blog so you obviously care about me. i know who my real friends are. its you. so you may be inclined to ask what would make me happy this very instant. and i would be inclined to answer Vegan Mac And Cheese and an old episode of lost.Peferably one with Charlie in it. that accent is fucking delightful. im making vegan mac and cheese. humanity as a whole should learn from this. dont complain. go make some mac and cheeze. i believe the game says a lot about humanity as well. you dont realize your winning until you lose. now thats fucking deep. demitri martin is on. oh, demitri. how you amuse me. i can tell already that this will be a poor blog post. go read a different one. theres thirteen of these. there all basically the same. only better than this one. i had so much stuff i was gonna do this weekend. but now my relatives are coming over on sunday. and that was the only day any ne was available. its tottaly cool though. cuz its the wanna be italian relatives. they are wonderful. theyre the kind of relatives who will give you a bar of soap for christmas every year. and its always funny. they will then play rock band with you. today in russian class jordan walked in, shook me hand, left and insulted mrs sonsev. thats basically how russian class is. it was mrs lottos last day. i got asked to eat cheese nips like a million time. i wouldve been so pised but the phrase "cheese nips" made me pine for the old days of marching band. i miss it so much. im gonna get a ghs drumline tat. then theyll have to put me on quads again. im already looking forward to band camp again. im such a loser. i think im gonna watch the next middle school concert. just because its an excuse to walk around gaithersburg for a few hours. the dude at the a to z mart probably misses me. god knows i miss him. Anna is happy to day. im happy for her.i just lost the game. so did you. i learned how to play lollipop on the bells. it made me miss drumline even more. concert band is so lame. i just sit there. and occasionaly play sleigh bells. i have sleigh bell callusses. that was fast. my fingers know longer hurt when playing guitar. just my wrist. i bet maggie cant turn that into something sexual. in found of te class people kept singing some random song about zombies. shut the fuck up. i took a test at lunch. aced it. bobby waited with me. what a pal. i appreciate you. i failed a test in that same room in the next half hour. then failed a physics test. its just routine now. i had two boca burgers today. my dad gave me a mountain dew but said i cant drink it today. your not the boss of me. i hope scott writes songs to my words. i understand if he doesnt. but my feelings need to get out there.thats why i have a diary.i mean journal. i mean blog. i mean something more masculine than blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

blog sucks.

fuck math. fuck all the blogs that have made me lose the game today. fuck homework. fuck english class.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

maybe this will stop yer bellyaching

so many people have asked me to write this blog in the past 5 minutes. i think i will listen to them. i love all three of you. this morning i was tired like a mother fucker. and i had even treated myself to three extre minutes. thats luxury.russian was great. there were three papers where you just had to write wether or not someone worked. like shes gonna fucking find out. ill write whatever the hell i want. tell russia to fight me if they disagree. We met the sub for social studies today. total creeper. he will damage someones self esteem permanently by the end of the quarter. all because mrs lotto needs to pop out babies. my mom keeps onto talking to me about it. while im on the phone. she told me to call christine but didnt tell me what to say. she does that every time.we didnt do anything in band today.i really wanna learn how to play xylophone just to fit in. the bells are satans best friend. they made me quit band in 5th grade. i could never take them apart in time and i would be late to my next class. in elementary school. i wish i knew it didnt matter back found of tech i was doing math homework. i was halfway through a problem nd he told me we didnt have to do that one. we did. it was the only one without freee answers that we had to do. he thought i would be mad. i wasnt. i dont care about math at all. im two years ahead. ive got the entirety of high school to earn two more credits.scott took a stand for me during open chest. my hero. i gave the heart sign to joes sister. it was amazing. i love mr o connor. i hate everything he teaches. i was so spaced out in that class. i always am. its impossible to pay attention.its hot and i sit next to dalla. 7N for life. Chris has Brooks Wackerman sticks. he claims he knows who that is. he does not. he is the bad religion drummer. they are really nice sticks. chris has gotten really good. hes probably better than me. but im better at doing completely showoffy assholeish stick spins. so people think im better. me and andrew talked about how hot coileen was for the entirety of english class. it was so awkward for her.i told them they should mate. if you read this, you should mate with me. we can have blog spawn. i worte a few songs during lunch today. its too easy to write bad music. scott says he cant write a guitar part. he is limiting my artistically. how the fuck can he ask me to choose between sob and my family? that was why we broke up. he cant give me an ultimatum over my family. it was the gnarliest thing ive ever been through. like three divorces at once.reunion tour. keep your eyes out. i want to bum out around gaithersburg after school more often. hit me up if you want to too. this weekend i hope to have band practice, do my physics project, go to the mall, and have my grandparents over for dinner. laurel says she feels uncomfortable around me. i know who my real friends are. laurel. cuz that took guts. we went to the mall to get my phone fixed. i was afraid people i knew would be there. just cuz it wouldve been awkward. it took forever, and eventually we just called customer service at the store. i have to send it in. i remember i did that with my ipod. it took six fucking months. i literally spiraled into depression. i liked patent pending back then. i had a patent pending jacket. i wore it mto the hospital when my sister almost died. the nurse mad jokes about it. fuck that. save my sister. andrew the fluteist knows every word to handlebars. mad props to him. i wish i was special like that. im gonna learn every word to im yours ciz ive referenced it in so many blogs. and so i can sing along in found of tech class.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

im from the U.S.F.A.

sarah palin did not know africa was a continent. oh what mightve been. today i went to school. today i got a letter at school. today i felt good about getting a letter at school. it said nice things. it also said vegan hardcore in cool letters. how nice of them to remember that i am vegan and or was cold as a motherfucking mug. i dont know why i stand outside in the morning. i always just get humped by ryan. not that theres anything wrong with that. i was once hugging bonilla and patrick koontz said "yall are bi". it blew my mind.homophobes are getting more homophobic.ben was not at school today. english class was very quiet. but she still got pissed. cus we all are stupid and she hasnt taught us anything. she looked at me and asked if even i didnt get it. fuck that. im not special. she thinks im smart because im always asleep in that class. i found out answers are in the back of the math book. i have a good feeling about this quarter. i actually understood the math today. it was all thanks to julia. thank you julia. julia and anna are at a cross country banquet. ive never been to a banquet before. it sounds luxurious. ive never ran and enjoyed it before. i dont know how they do it. i wanna join the magruder cross country team, but without running. i asked joe johnson to ask abby spitler to the winter formal. that wont be funny to anyone but anna, and thats if im lucky. joe said he wouldnt because its apparently a sadie hawkins dance.i told him to ask her to ask me to the winter formal. he refused. i learned that joe had asked abby to a dance before.the idea of a sadie hawkins dance infuriates me. sexist bastards. its saying that girls CANT ask guys to any other dance. total white male bull shit.just like history class. were learning about the "splendid little war". id start shit in that class if i wasnt so tired. mrs lotto is leaving. its gonna suck. we had a free day in band today. i did english homework. then i went to watch jordan and eric freestyle. they stopped. jordan challenged chris to a drum battle. you shouldve seen the fear in his eyes. me and chris tried to do that stick click thing were we hit each others sticks at the same time. it almost worked. he hit my hand. its swelling a bit. emily didnt eat lunch with us. it hurt deep inside. open chest was played all throughout lunch. i wish i had never brought that game up. ive been listening to against me a lot. its just sounded so good lately.IMPPPPAAAAAACCCCTTTTTTTTTTTTT! if only i could drop that into conversations. maaybe one day. lets all go to a folk punk show. we'll sing along. we'll dance. we'll make inside jokes. trust me. itll be fun. i posted the link to this blog on myspace. for the three kids that only use myspace. i miss myspace. it reminds me of happier days. moira wants me to go to mama lucias while shes working. i may. but its also next to chipotle. so ill probly eat there instead.i could go for some guacamole right now. i mention guacamole in so many of my blogs. can you blame me? there are pictures of the show up on someones profile that im not friends with. i am constantly making strange faces. i dont even think about it anymore. AJ is in canada. i dont know why. lucky bastard. <3. report cards came out today. 3.43 gpa. im not sure if thats bad or not. ive been listening to sage francis quite often. rapping is really easy. but i cant say the n word. so i wont. ive been listening to this possy/folk/british/acoustic person on youtube. its really catchy.i wish i was british. girls would be all over me. except for british girls. theyd probly want to fight me. because thats just how it works. like that song on that ghost muce cd that wasnt by ghost mice. but was better than all the other songs. thats just straight up embarassing. my flip flops are downstairs. good bye old friends, winter is coming. its gonna suck. i wore that one jacket the entirety of 8th grade and that one hoodie for the entirety of 7th. im still making my decision for this year. i might get some gloves too. probably not. hats are pointless. like wearing visors backwards. i have heard a decent amount of thats what she said jokes today. today at lunch antoinette walked by and said "i guess your not sneezing now" which is funny cuz i sneezed in russian. ha.

Monday, November 10, 2008

yall dont wanna step to this blog.

people are telling me to write this blog. and im too much of a pushover not to. basically the only person i can say no to is ben zetts and drug dealers. and there not the most convincing people. i could not sleep at all yesterday. i can usually get an hour or so in every night. im failing math so hard. julia tried to help me. thank you. i still am going to fail. i have a 49.1. i even did homework.thats how desperate i was. it didnt help at all. the two questions i didnt understand were what he tested us also about to fail physics. because we missed that one class to learn about not missing class. the school system is fucked. the same people who run the school system run the fucking prison system. and the whole social system. ive been thinking a lot about freedom today. america is not free. dont get me wrong, i know its better than most places but its just not. unless your rich, they force you to go to their school for 12 years of your life were they can shove whatever the hell they want down your gonna drop out of school and just play guitar. my fingers hurt so bad. i cant stop playing. i learned a bunch of nofx songs than instantly forgot them. they were all four chords. my friend just wrote a rap about me. "yoyoyo my name is mark
i go as hard as a shark
i hurt fucking my fingers
i do stuff that rhymes with finger
i eat vegan food
i beat you up if im in a shitty mood
i think he made my point clear. i will fight you. ive told so man y people to fight me. im surprised no one has.if your reading this, fight me. for your family honor. im gonna start going to protests and shit. and start riding the metro. i cant wait til i can get my livense so that i can drive to the metro station.public transportation is the shit.we had a sub in physics class. at one point i realized i was hanging out with ALL forest oak kids. it was a good feeling.mrs optican is fucking crazy. she said she didnt want us to do homework over the weekend. it turned out we had homework over the weekend. my gpa is like to start this quarter over again. i played sleigh bells again in band. i want to learn how to play regular bells. maggie eric, jordan, jen, and chris make it look so easy. and it probably is. but i never want to be able to read notes. it would kill music for me. i remember when i used to take lessons in elementary school. i quit and a fourth grader took my place. it hurt deep. george bush is still president. our country is still screwed. no one seems to care.i cannot wait for the rock against obama cd. its gonna happen. trust me.nader 2012. i think im gonna spend the rest of my year trying to skate more often. it wont happen. ill always suck. ill always just skate minipipe. my minipipe is gone. it was so broken anyway.there were pieces in there from the first ramp i ever skated. i remember my childhood much better than it was. i know this because as a child i fucking hated my life but knew id grow up and think it was great. just like outdoor ed. it sucked. it was so fucking cold. but everyone thinks it was so great. i want to walk places. like 7 11. i need a sidewalk. i eat boca burgers everyday. i checked the side of the fries. i eat like 1500 calories worth a day. but thats all i eat. i think im turning cant be healthy. i found out someone was anemic. there not vegan. i am. and im not anemic. take that bloodmouth doctor. this is so long. im using it as an excuse not to try to go to sleep. i should probly do it anyway. people are mad that im not done. now theyll never now what was gonna come next. spoiler. it was gonna be unicorns.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

one less blog to break

my day was extremely uneventful. i played drums all day today. it hurt like hell. i hate my thumb. ever since i got the infection i cant drum or guitar for more than an hour without it hurting like a motherfucker.and theres not even any hardcore scar there for me to show lame. at the moment im learning a patent pending song about not killing yourself. i know so many patent pending songs. i dont even like patent pending that much. there songs are just easy. i got my second follower today. it was emily. it made me feel good. i know who my real friends are.i want to make this blog really long and annoying but nothing happened today. im gonna try though. my sister came home yesterday. i said hi and went to sleep. i woke up today. she said bye and left. our family is so close. i wanna not suck at guitar so bad. if anyone knows how to read chord diagrams, comment or something. i told someone i was going skating. i got sidetracked and didnt. they asked me how it was. i said good. i felt terrible. i apologize. danny told me i should join poms. as a drummer not a pomperson. i may or may not do it. i love playing drums and i want to play quads as much as possible before the years over. but i also dont wanna have to wake up for stuff. or be that creepy loser whos around the poms but doesnt know any of them. i have voices in my head that wont stop beatboxing. i wanna live somewhere else so bad. i want to be homeless. i want to live on the roof. i want to listen to math the band. i want world peace for christmas. a lot of people posted blogs today. they were all good. andrew jackson jiihad songs are stuck in my head. that is such a cool name. a lot of my friends are depressed. that depresses the hell out of me. the simpsons are on. i really need to stop watching tv. i dont even want to anymore. i just need noise. i think my left ear is going to go deaf. just a theory. i cant believe we have school tommorow. im jut going to drop out and do drugs. i did math homework for the first time tonight. a little piece off me died.i really want a soda. maybe i should quit caffeine. and honey. i will be so much better than everyone else. i hope someone asks me what my bracelets for. ill freak out and tell them i have friends. or that i like watermelon and homosexuals. people need to stop being assholes. ill fight the next person that says faggot and is littler than me/an easy target. im gonna go play music.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

blogging is not a restaraunt, blogging is a religion

today i woke up depressed because i thought i wouldnt be doing anything. oh how i was wrong. within five minutes of being awake laurel asked me to hang out with her and anna. which i proceeded to do. on the way there the gps was freaking out. so it took us like 45 minutes to get there. i guess its my fault. that i dont know how to get to where i went to school for three years. im directionally challenged.we got there and anna ad laurel were sitting on the porch. STOOP KIDS AFRAID TO LEAVE THE STOOP!they were making friendship bracelets. i got my second friend today. we watched the princess bride. you killed my father. prepare to die. that was my favorite song for so long. it was by japanther which is the coolest name ever. it was on a dvdthgat i lost. it had all the greates folk punk jams on one easy compact dvd. and for only 4.99? what a bargain! but wait. it came with free chris clavin autograph with purchase!the movie was really good. annas sox were really cool. laurels nails were gay pride as fux. they were great. we saw the play and the there were none. fuck that. there were two people left at the end of the play. my friends had read the book.they were all supposed to die. and maybe i was supposed to understand them. maybe not. i couldnt pay attention or sit still. i felt like a five year old. anna was texting the whole time. i wish i couldve been texting the whole time. but im way too lazy to get my phone fixed. awa was there. if awa has a baby, i want it. but not in the I WANNA HAVE AWAS BABBBBIIIESSS way. the legal adoption way. i feel bad for laurel. im pretty sure she had an awkward play. love you laurel! upon arriving at laurels house again we became stoop kids again. anna is my hero. i went home. i made guacamole. my mom ate most of it while i wasnt looking. my sisters home. thats cool. im now watching the boondocks and feeling extremely caucasian.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Wanna Be a Blog Boyyyyyyy

hello. you are reading my blog. and as you are reading my blog, you might be inclined to ask how my day was, and i would be inclined to say great. upon hearing this, you may be inclined to ask how great it is. i offer this as an example. someone said they liked my pants. but wait. it gets better. it was a female person. a female person with pretty eyes. but wait. it gets better. later that day i was again complimented on my pants. by another anyway, i woke up. and i went to school. and then i went to russian. theres like two freshman in that class. i got points off for not having friends. then i went to history. mrs lotto is waaaaay pregannt. like. ive never seen someone more definitively pregnant. it was another group jaunt. i have friends in that class. it was fun. apparently some people think im a pimp. i then went to band. noreen is a good person. i fucking rocked those sleigh bells. jordan and eric had a really long xylophone jam. it was actually prety good.i knocked over a stand. people looked at me. i told them i was awkward. they laughed. im not sure why. i then went to foundations of technology. we sang a lot. kevin has a beautiful voice. ajs ipod is really cool. it has like built in speakers. i then went to lunch.i ate food. i saw katie. it was really awkard. like. we all talked really slow. like no one was even attempting to start a real conversation. katie is still pretty awesome though. then it was math class. failed a test on something i knew because i had a song stuck in my head. FUCK THAT OVERSTOCK.COM COMMERCIAL!after the test he let us talk. hes been doing that a lot lately. what a fellow. i aced a physics test. ive never done that before. mrs. optican wouldnt let us go to the play. i talked to hallie. which is weird. but apparently we share the same love of willie willson.i was gonna go to the gas station. but then i saw bobby. so i talked to him. he lost his googly eye. what the fuck. i gave him that googly eye to show that im googly for him. i then saw moira and lauren. we went to java junction. it was fun. there good people. i then wento the gas station and helped walk moiras dog. i went back to school. fuck alcoholics. if you die drunk i wont cry for you. i was so cised for this game. when i showed up i saw naz. nazis great. he kept on talking to me in spanish. i kep on saying he was good as a pickle in russian.anna sat in our side. it meant a lot to me. she gave me the friendship bracelet. it kicks ass. im actually gonna wear it. even though my dadlooks at me really sketchy now. willie always gets annoyed that my friends watch us. only he thinks laurels hot. so he didnt. dannys quad head broke. which is really weird. it was almost new. we got new sticks. they were the same size but different sizes. if that makes sense.we played chamelon. i got to fill. fuckyeah. the other team tried to low brass off us. so. weird. half time was great. i hung out with naz. i also saw julia. she didnt know how to dothe gangster hug. i have julias permission to dream about her. being a creeper has never been easier. i did not solo. i cant believe the seasons over. i cant believe this blogs over.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

social suicide

i just finished eating guacamole. guacomole is so good. erik sutch usually says so good. erik sutch also plays the open chest game. i played the open chest game. i played the open chest game with joe emily alex and scott. joe emily alex and scott are juniors. i have no idea why but all my upperclassmen friends are juniors. Jordan is a junior. he came back today. its a shame he wasnt there for the end of marching band. he always believed in me.the entirety of this blog so far has been an attempt to do that rap thing where the next line always begins with what the last line ends with. rap is decent music. music is great. like, for real. i just played drums for a few hours. it was quite some fun. school was fun today. we had an assembly. they kept on telling us about how a million kids were lcing. i find it slightly ironic that we missed a class to learn about not missing class. i missed physics class. physics is so hard. im so bad at o connor always talks to me in that "im concerned with you and im hoping youll do better because i know you can tone". you know. the tone that makes you hate adults. i have never seen my dad angrier about something more superficial before. he was breaking shit and slamming shit because my mom didnt get soda. what the fuck. we have mountain dew and pepsi already. i love mountain dew. so many of my friends dont like me talking about mountain dew. one of them is laurel. laurel might move. i might cry. that would suck so much. it would be all the way to oregon too. i miss seventh grade. seventh grade was amazing. its when girls started talking to me. its also when i got less awkward and depressing. which is weird. because now when girls talk to me i act awkward and depressing. i was told this blog was too you think this blog is depressing? i really dont know how many people read this blog. i thought it was three. i was mistaken. im really bummed about drumline being over. i probably wont touch quads again until senior year. im determined to be better than kevin so i can get snare. it wont happen. a boy can dream. ive been having really weird dreams lately. i can remember them in the morning and then i forget. but i can remember there weird.WHAT THE FUCK! gay marriage was just banned in california. fuck people. im not sure i want to get married. all married people seem really depressed. i also dont want to be that creepy fat bald guy that always refers to himself as a "bachelor". i wonder if ill ever be bald. if i win best hair senior year i plan to shave it all right afterwards. ill probly do something useful with the hair. like locks of love. or arts and crafts. crafts are hard. im not good at making things. or doing things. Icarly is on. im wondering if i should change the channel. i will not. i went skating today. it was cold and it rained. it was really fun. i might not skate again til spring.i used to skate so much. old me would want to fight me. people say this blog is to long. for them. im gonna stop now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blogs should stay in the kitchen.

as you may or may not have been aware of i played a show. a show with sob. that was bad. this is the story of that show.alright. friday was halloween. not for me. i had a game. it was also the day vote ronald was supposed to have an acoustic set. they did not. i did. i win. we did not win the game. we got fucking slaughtered. but we played hey baby twice which is a win in my book. I went home and went to sleep. i woke up early. i went to kevins jv game. he got slaughtered. but they seriously fucked up the other team. like, leg sticking backwards ambulance calling fuck up. and they were already up by 40. what a blower for that guy. after that sob had was by far our most productive practice.we then xed up and left. we picked up joe and alex. we brought so much shit. i brought my greaser jacket. i fucking love that thing. its got great pockets. i showed up and everyone was screaming JUBBBBEEERRRTTTTT! and i was suddenly ashamed of rolling up in a minivan.we threw all our shit in a closet. dc opened it really cool. like a ninja. there were kids from my math class there. i feel like math class will be awkward tommorow. jimmy kept throwing shit in my hair. jimmies band kicked ass. i moshed so hard. they left the word your mom out of all the songs. what the fuck. thats what made the songs immature and delightful. a bunch of other bands played. all i remember is dance fighting kyle. i gave charlie a " the only reason my shirt is off is because i was getting in the persona of who i was emulating" tat. i played a lot of acoustic sets throughout the night. they were a lot of fun. just me acting ridiculous in front of friends. Then mix tape played. mix tape is all girls. how cliche. they were pretty good. they played that over stock. com commercial song. i love that song. dont judge me.they did not play sit back relax. no one would start a circle pit regardless of my finger motions. dissapointing. after that me and jen played gogo. david won the dance contest. i later found the bongos in my van. i guess he didnt want them. it was then sobs set. we opened with straight edge. speaking of straight edge i xed my that it was the build up. my facorite song. its so fun to play. people did the hand thing to me. it felt good. after that i took my shirt off and sang fuck you im not pc. it is a good song. we are not a good band. after that i dont remember much. only that i sang wonderwall to david. after that chris started playing guitar. i continued to sing. as youve read in the previous blog. my voice was so fucking gone. after the set someone told me they felt connected to me. we will be running away to europe. after that vote ronald played. they played a ska song. it was quite some fun. scott pushed me into david. it led to me singing murder the government with him. i began feeling hardcore. i backslammed on purpose. i really hope someone got a picture of that. it still fucking hurts. after that i played acoustic songs about love and sunsets and paintings and telling random people i wrote it about them/mixtape/david.i then got peoples facebooks and talked politics with kyle. Vote Ronalds blog says we brought "epic mosh". i disagree. everytime i looked up i saw 8 people standing around. i think hes just saying that cuz he got hurt. whatever. ill take what i can get. sob broke up. deal with it.

yall thought this blog was dead.

it most assuredly is not.hello. this is mark. you may remember me from such blogs as jubertsblogreview. i officially now have my own blog that i will never update. its been a really long time since ive done this. ill get to whats happened since then at a later date. Today was really depressing. i woke up really late. like 1 something. but i woke up to vegan mac and cheese. the day was looking up. i saw my guitar sitting in the corner. shining in the sunlight. its a fender cd60 equipped with the new features if scalloped bracing, traditional bridge, and strap knobs.does anyone know what the fuck that means?Fuck no. furthermore, how is a traditional bridge a new feature? im calling fender on its shit right now. So i started singing songs about forbidden love and pretended to serenade people and whtnot. you know. normal stuff. one time my brother caught me singing wonderwall. i swear to god, i was practicing for the show.i felt the need to learn a new song.that song was stay together for the kids. this song was played at the and maggie may have sang a beautiful duet on it? maybe not. who knows. the song fristrated the hell out of me. it took me three hours to memorize the intro. and you cant listen to that intro for three hours without wanting to slit your wrists and lock your parents into a retirement home. im going to lock my dad into a retirement home. ill send him soda every once in a while. it will be cool. i can now play stay together for the kids. it is hard as fuck to sing to while playing. by this time i was to depressed to leave my computer. so i began picture lurking.i went through well over 500 pictures. i love ambroses flickr. i want to be one of those people that takes pictures of things that are cool and exciting and that way people will think im cool and exciting so theyll hang out with me and more cool and exciting things will happen. i always pictured my high school life being like ambroses flickr. i really dont know why. high school is really dissapointing. i thought there would be more people who thought similarly to me. there are not. people who think great are great. anna thinks great. she is great. she told me today that she missed me and that she made me a friendship bracelet. it was the most adorable thing ive ever heard. i will soon make her and everyone else that kicks ass love beads. just like that british talking crypt gave me. ill let that sink in for a second. crypt. me. love beads. british accent. you heard it but it hasnt quite clicked. i want to be jut like him when i grow up. except the drugs. and gang affiliations.Im talking to awa write now. awa kicks so much ass. they say the world would be a better place if everyone was themselves. bullshit. the world would be a better place if everyone was even a little bit more like awa. i attempted to write a song yesterday. its so bad. its chords i made up/ ripped off of songs i dont like. i cant figure out how words will fit into it. which is weird. i can usually freestyle may way through a lame guitar part i write and forget it within fifteen minutes.i should really just give up guitar.stick with drums. drums are so fun. i only play set like once a week nowadays. i always play snare or quads instead. set is so much more fun but im so damn lazy. maybe i should learn a real insturment. were i dont just hit things. like. trumpet or something. keith once told me there was only 8 notes on a trumpet. i will fucking mess him up. winzelle should be the president. jk. nader should be the president. come on. hes sodamn loveable. like some sort of disney/inspirational/lifetime movie main character. fuck voting. fuck america. im going to europe. except maybe not. i love gaithersburg. drumlines almost over. im gonna miss staying after school and messing around in old town. im also gonna miss quads. i will probably not get them again til senior year. Nick Thrasher told me i would be the shit. i told him i was gonna start a great band then do a lot of drugs and call it quits. this blog was not great. im just gonna do a bunch of drugs and call it quits.

i want to put the word blog into the decline but its impossible

it really is. Its mark again. this is my last blog. i might start my own. probly not. i awoke today with high hopes. they were soon crushed. i tried to do my social studies brochure on the computer. i could not. i basically sat around avoiding doing projects all day. Today i went to the university of maryland for my sisters birthday. it was dissapointing. we picked up my grandparents at the cvs, the way my dad picks up illegal immigrants. my grandmother did not sing a spanish song bout lvong marijuona this time. dissapointing. my grandmother could not close the door. it was really quite depressing. my sister laughed. i dont really care. i like my sister. shes not depressing at all. If only she was edge or vegan or something. We ate at the seven seas restaurant in college park. the food wasnt that great. the tofu was really akward. it was super deep fried. when i tried to cut it in half the breading fell of and i basically had to eat hard grease. its weird to go out with my family. my dad started pantoming king fu fighting and spilled a bunch of tea then refused to admit it was him. there are so many things wrong with that at a chinese restaraunt. he then went on to tell us abou a dream where my mom was geting her legs waxed.very mom made vegan cupcakes. they were good. im going to a football game with my sister on saturday. im really looking forward to it. im also going to hang out with laurel and anna. annas getting her hair cut. i am not. my hair is geting really ridiculous. it does not look good anymore. i still refuse to do anything with it. i guess this is really it. i cant believe it. ill never be writing this blog again. goodbye guys. its been a lot of fun, ive made a lot of friends, weve shared some laffs, ive inspired people to complain on the internet, and ive overall showed the world how easy it is for a kid with no life to sound interesting on the internet. there are so many people id like to thank. id like to thank scott for making this all possible. id like to thank my dad for being made fun of. id like to thank katie for making it into every one of my blogs and every one of my trips to gaithersburg. id also like to thank laurel and anna for being there for me whenever i want to watch people run or feel special because i made them get blogs. speaking of anna id like to thank the entire magruder cross country team for being so nice. i love you all your all very attractive. id also like to thank joe johnson. i really dont need a reason for that one. speaking of people with the same first and last initials id like to thank willie wilson for sticking his head in the sewer for my mistake. id also like to thank ben zetts for begging me for money and predjudis comments. couldnt make it without you. id also like to thank chris gross for being so rockin.also, quickly id like to thank george washington carver, peter singer, the owner of the ramen corporation and my sponsors taco bell and alll my readers(laurel and anna}. i couldnt have made it his far without like to end this with a song by chris clavin.WHAT HAPPENED TO WHAT WE WERE ALL BLOGGING FOR? WHAT IM STILL BLOGGING FOR! I FEEL MY WORDS ARENT BEING READ! WHAT MADE U DECIDE TO CLOSE THIS BEAUTIFUL BLOG THAT ONCE WAS OPEN SO WIDE?FUCK BLOG 08!markjubertsgreatestblog09keepyoureyesout

pods and blogs

its mark again. scott will be back soon. you have no idea how long i looked through my ipod to come up with that title. yesterday my title was a descendents joke. katie dance is playing descendents in my basement. i saw katie at victor litz. thats a lot of thiongs that have to do with each other isnt it? james just told me to watch his blog.i might. erik sutch told me he liked my hair. he has no i idea how much it means to me. i miss timber shows. they were always so fun. i havent been to a show since the gaithersburg skatepark show. i was in gaithersburg all day today. the cross country counties were today and i went to go see them.I saw anna there. anna is my designated hardcore friend.she ran 3 miles in 20 minutes. what the fuck. thats ridicuolous.i couldnt do that ever. at all. i ran 16 minute on the one mile in middle school.middle school really sucked. it didnt matter at all and i was bad at it.they made me take spanish. what the fuck. i dont dont want to take spanish ever. all the teachers are creepers. if i want to learn spanish ill go to spain. iplan to go to europe with an acoustic guitar like chris clavin. my dad took me shopping for acoustic guitars today. my dads really cool about me liking to play music. one time i mentioned a bass in a conversation and he was all ready to buy one and shit. we cant afford basses. what the hell. he gets mad when we get the "expensive" ramen. i did not get a guitar. i might get one tommorow though. my parents just walked into the room for a reallym long time. it was awkward. i met annas parents at the was awkward at first. but annas parents are prett cool. annas mom has a really, cool accent and look a lot like her. annas dad does nto look a lot like her. i am scared of him. a lot. but hes nicve. he offred to drive me to new jersey to get french fries. i might take him up on that. i met annas magruder friends. i hung around them awkwardly. just like i hang out with everyone. i realized ive been listening to really werid music lately. like defiance ohio and andrew jackson jihad and sage francis. i am now listening to nofx and graf orlock. graf orlock is so good. ive been typing for a really long time.i should probly stop soon but i have so many inner thoughts and deep secrets to share with strangers on the internet. i only have three days of this.i might start my own blog. i inspired people to write there own blogs. blog is a very awkward word.i think only three people read this. and know that im writing it, probably two.i havent started my social studies project on why americas great. fuck that. americas nevwer been great. i meant just turn that in as my project. fuck social studies. complete white mans lies.

Blog and Pony Show

its mark again. i didnt write that last blog. scotts somewhere. i dont know where. today i woke up really late. i was really hungry all day. i had a potato. then i went to the away game atnorthwest. i drove to ghs with my brother. we listened to the smiths. it was depressing. when i got there chris and away were playing drums. awa brokem her first stick. im so very proud of that girl.i dropped somoeones sticks down the sewer. willie got them. what a trooper. The game was very depressing. my quad head broke three songs after dannys quad head broke. it was really weird. same head and everything. Matt rabassa and Brianna and other old drumline people were there. i sat out a lot. or played bass. which is worse than sitting out. i have bruises on my shins from it.we lost the game. it was not halftime the person at the counter stole five dollars from me. i held up the line for a while.the ride home was also depressing. it was my middle school bus driver.i ate taco bell. i wrote this. i might be going to a corass country meet tommorow. it should be fun. i have a shitload of projects that i plan to put off until tuesday morning. goodbye.

I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Reading Your Blog

Hello. my name is Mark Jubert. this is my first time writing a blog. I really dont know what to say. Scott and my brother make this look easy. I never talk to my brother. Yesterday i was at school for 14 hours. it was kinda fun. i hung out with drug addicts and christians. and also joe johnson. he drank my drink. what the hell. is spent my lasty dollar on that soda. subway is a ripoff. ive spent like 30 dollars there in the past month for vegetables and bread, but it was really good. i dont know why.I know a girl who lives above the subway. She just sent me the same chain text twice in a row. she must really care. we wrote a cadence afterwards. its really bad and somewhat racist. after that i had real practice. danny never showed up. it did not go well.i didnt sleep. today i went to hillwood museum. i dont know anyone in russian class. i had to hang out with christians and catholics again. why doesnt everyone just think like me instead? there was a lot of shiny things there and a lot of kids hitting on mrs sonsev. the kids in russian this year are all assholes. i was supposed to be interviewed today. i was not. gaithersburg doesnt really care about vegans. they should all just think like me.when i got home my dad got pissed because i put a pillow on the window. thats dumb. my father is not the brightest person in the world. scott writes songs about peoples dads. scotts a decent guitarist. sob is not a decent band. maybe one day.PLAYSKAPLAYSKAPLAYSKA!fuck diet coke.