Sunday, November 23, 2008

9mm and a three piece blog

Everyone has posted extremely short blogs today. I refuse to stoop to their should be ashamed. my music player is going at double speed. it kicks ass. im wasting my fucking life. but not in tyhe "im not accomplishing anythning" kind of way. the "why the fuck im i sitting here and not having fun" kind of way. like this summer. i hung out like, maybe 8 times. i cant wait get my license. just so that i could go to shows. im playing another show on the 19th. represent. christmas eve massacre. how low feat. david delarosa. more tba. contrary to popular belief, this show will not actually happen. fight me. somebody honesty boxed me saying "your by far one of the most amzing people ive ever met. you FUCKING ROCK" how kind. i want to know who said it but i dont care that much. im watching home movies. its making me reminiscent. i wish it hadnt got canceled. Jason Toner friended me on facebook. its making me reminiscent. i miss the how low shows. i miss hanging out with my brother. and shawn. that kid was fucking crazy. we listened to good charlotte in hiscar once. i had "the little things" stuck in my head all day. today was so fucking depressing. this blog is so fucking depressing. im really afraid that there wont be a gaithersburg music scene within the next few years. there are no fucking punks. music is dead. all the good labels are dead. except plan-it-x. so fuxin good. i want to find the dvd and comp so bad. i dont think illsleep tonight. im just gonna listen to music. absolutely nothing happened today. i just kinda made vegan mac and cheese. but i spilled a shitloa of paprika into it. its all reddish gonna be one of those people that just eats. all the time. and ill cook like a stereotypical woman from the 20s. and ill get an apron thatg says something humorous like "kiss the chef" and youd think it was a joke but it was really my plea for attention. my message ofdesperation. then id leave the window open in the winter while taking a shower. and id get pnueomonia. and id almost die. because id want to. but i wouldnt die. and people would send me cards like "get well soon" and "Wishing you well". but they wouldnt really mean it. theyd just be buying a cheap piece of shit that was written by people with dollar signs in there eyes. and id become angry and bitter. then christmas would come around. and id remember the old times i spenrt with my family. and id have a little hope. and id donate a bunch of shit a place. and id give a baloon and a coat to a cold homeless child on the street. then id get a letter saying everyone id ever knew or loved died. then id die.

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