Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blog and Pony Show

its mark again. i didnt write that last blog. scotts somewhere. i dont know where. today i woke up really late. i was really hungry all day. i had a potato. then i went to the away game atnorthwest. i drove to ghs with my brother. we listened to the smiths. it was depressing. when i got there chris and away were playing drums. awa brokem her first stick. im so very proud of that girl.i dropped somoeones sticks down the sewer. willie got them. what a trooper. The game was very depressing. my quad head broke three songs after dannys quad head broke. it was really weird. same head and everything. Matt rabassa and Brianna and other old drumline people were there. i sat out a lot. or played bass. which is worse than sitting out. i have bruises on my shins from it.we lost the game. it was not close.at halftime the person at the counter stole five dollars from me. i held up the line for a while.the ride home was also depressing. it was my middle school bus driver.i ate taco bell. i wrote this. i might be going to a corass country meet tommorow. it should be fun. i have a shitload of projects that i plan to put off until tuesday morning. goodbye.

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