Saturday, November 8, 2008

blogging is not a restaraunt, blogging is a religion

today i woke up depressed because i thought i wouldnt be doing anything. oh how i was wrong. within five minutes of being awake laurel asked me to hang out with her and anna. which i proceeded to do. on the way there the gps was freaking out. so it took us like 45 minutes to get there. i guess its my fault. that i dont know how to get to where i went to school for three years. im directionally challenged.we got there and anna ad laurel were sitting on the porch. STOOP KIDS AFRAID TO LEAVE THE STOOP!they were making friendship bracelets. i got my second friend today. we watched the princess bride. you killed my father. prepare to die. that was my favorite song for so long. it was by japanther which is the coolest name ever. it was on a dvdthgat i lost. it had all the greates folk punk jams on one easy compact dvd. and for only 4.99? what a bargain! but wait. it came with free chris clavin autograph with purchase!the movie was really good. annas sox were really cool. laurels nails were gay pride as fux. they were great. we saw the play and the there were none. fuck that. there were two people left at the end of the play. my friends had read the book.they were all supposed to die. and maybe i was supposed to understand them. maybe not. i couldnt pay attention or sit still. i felt like a five year old. anna was texting the whole time. i wish i couldve been texting the whole time. but im way too lazy to get my phone fixed. awa was there. if awa has a baby, i want it. but not in the I WANNA HAVE AWAS BABBBBIIIESSS way. the legal adoption way. i feel bad for laurel. im pretty sure she had an awkward play. love you laurel! upon arriving at laurels house again we became stoop kids again. anna is my hero. i went home. i made guacamole. my mom ate most of it while i wasnt looking. my sisters home. thats cool. im now watching the boondocks and feeling extremely caucasian.

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