Tuesday, November 18, 2008

blogging, like the season.

i feel like i migghtve accidentaly made two posts. ill find out later. im pissed like someone whos quitting smoking on there period. my ipod is officially dead. i tried everything. th computer wont recognize it. i had to listen to the RADIO in the morning. do you know how bad popular music is!??!?DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS FUCKING LIKE TO LISTEN TO "PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC" AT 6 AM!!?!?!?!?they say six fucking words in that song. i will tell you how to make radio music.
Drums-tambourines. always. and always snare on two and four.unless the singers black. then claps on three.no bass, because people dont want to hear anything but the snare or claps. because white people with no rythm dont want to accidentally snap at the wrong time. that sits embarassing.
guitar- same cliche strum pattern. always.ALWAYS.and theres always gonna be a stop followed by a two count crescendo. trust me.
singer-luckily high pitched squeaky voices are out of fashion. using the nickelback voice is a must. one chorus, one verse. repeat thoroughly. use word "Girl" because your talking about females in general, and basically trying to get laid. ussmall words so middle aged people can sing a long. thats the only reason they listen to music.
bass- seriously, who gives a fuck.

i felt sick as shit after that bus ride. and kevin tackled me when i got off. i dont remember much after that. me and scott have another show with an emo band. theres a show at the basement on friday. im gonna mosh. and punch nicole and other small girls in the face. and ask where there gods are now. i cant recall doing anything in russian. in social studieswe were supposed to talk about ww1 but we just talked about charles manson. becuase no one cares about that war. its all about the second one. mr grande wasnt threre again. i hung out with scott joe and chris. maggie was talking shit about my singing. we cant all have the beatiful voice of an angel. its not my fault i cant make my heart skp by singing the word "radio". it was then tech class. that class has been getting lamer. lunch has been getting lamer too. maybe im just getting lamer. who knows. we had one of those "make you look like an idiot read all the instructions class". i did read read all the directions. no where did it say not to do stupid shit. so i did it anyway. physics was hard as fuck. were doing planet physics. when will that ever matter ever. mr o connor killed a bug then made "people for the eatinof tasty animals" jokes. fuck. you. bloodmouth. ill fucking kill your family. in defense of all life.we had THREE tests in english. luckily my best friend ever not including zoe gave me a 100%. i also got her number. girls like guys who break their phones. i got colleens number. and i will never stop bragging about it.ever. mrs optican asked me if i watched the dvd. i have not. ive had it for like three months. i probably lost it. id like to take a moment to be extremely serious about an issue that affects us all. gather around children. id like to talk to you about blog war. its important that we dont choose sides. think of the blog children. growing up without blogmom or dad. both sides have valid points. they need to make up. conditions for blog make up will be posted later. the important thing is the reading of this blog is continued. ive had random ass rashes on my hands all day. like a meth addict. danny was running around in a blanket and said hi to me. everything in that sentence points to him being high. i really miss drumline. i wanna play drums so bad.
im gonna go play drums so bad.
gimme yo number.

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brian jenkins said...

I could hook you up with a cd or tape player temporarily. just ask.