Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blogs should stay in the kitchen.

as you may or may not have been aware of i played a show. a show with sob. that was bad. this is the story of that show.alright. friday was halloween. not for me. i had a game. it was also the day vote ronald was supposed to have an acoustic set. they did not. i did. i win. we did not win the game. we got fucking slaughtered. but we played hey baby twice which is a win in my book. I went home and went to sleep. i woke up early. i went to kevins jv game. he got slaughtered. but they seriously fucked up the other team. like, leg sticking backwards ambulance calling fuck up. and they were already up by 40. what a blower for that guy. after that sob had practice.it was by far our most productive practice.we then xed up and left. we picked up joe and alex. we brought so much shit. i brought my greaser jacket. i fucking love that thing. its got great pockets. i showed up and everyone was screaming JUBBBBEEERRRTTTTT! and i was suddenly ashamed of rolling up in a minivan.we threw all our shit in a closet. dc opened it really cool. like a ninja. there were kids from my math class there. i feel like math class will be awkward tommorow. jimmy kept throwing shit in my hair. jimmies band kicked ass. i moshed so hard. they left the word your mom out of all the songs. what the fuck. thats what made the songs immature and delightful. a bunch of other bands played. all i remember is dance fighting kyle. i gave charlie a " the only reason my shirt is off is because i was getting in the persona of who i was emulating" tat. i played a lot of acoustic sets throughout the night. they were a lot of fun. just me acting ridiculous in front of friends. Then mix tape played. mix tape is all girls. how cliche. they were pretty good. they played that over stock. com commercial song. i love that song. dont judge me.they did not play sit back relax. no one would start a circle pit regardless of my finger motions. dissapointing. after that me and jen played gogo. david won the dance contest. i later found the bongos in my van. i guess he didnt want them. it was then sobs set. we opened with straight edge. speaking of straight edge i xed my nipples.so.fuxxxin.punxxx.after that it was the build up. my facorite song. its so fun to play. people did the hand thing to me. it felt good. after that i took my shirt off and sang fuck you im not pc. it is a good song. we are not a good band. after that i dont remember much. only that i sang wonderwall to david. after that chris started playing guitar. i continued to sing. as youve read in the previous blog. my voice was so fucking gone. after the set someone told me they felt connected to me. we will be running away to europe. after that vote ronald played. they played a ska song. it was quite some fun. scott pushed me into david. it led to me singing murder the government with him. i began feeling hardcore. i backslammed on purpose. i really hope someone got a picture of that. it still fucking hurts. after that i played acoustic songs about love and sunsets and paintings and telling random people i wrote it about them/mixtape/david.i then got peoples facebooks and talked politics with kyle. Vote Ronalds blog says we brought "epic mosh". i disagree. everytime i looked up i saw 8 people standing around. i think hes just saying that cuz he got hurt. whatever. ill take what i can get. sob broke up. deal with it.

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