Friday, November 28, 2008

Escape Frome The A-Blog House

ive been punching my dog in the stomach less and less lately. not because i dont want to just because im really lazy.lets take it back a few days. fuck academies. i know im gonna be in drumline i dont need an entire day of school to tell me that. my prussian class had like 4 fucking people in it. we had a "guest speaker" who didnt say anything . she did get the security called on those cops though. mad kudos. we had a essay the next period. farts and excommunication makes the worst baklava. its really important. and they mad it sound like a fuckup academy. it was like, "i cant maintain an erection" THEN THIS IS THE ACADEMY FOR YOU! the bell rang. we left. asshole security guards told us the bell did not ring.we went back. we were the only four kids that did go back.upon arriving at band mr dan grande basically told us "i was drunk in a bar and then kissed her" . i admire his spunk.we went on to play. jordan stick clicked me. i felt accomplished. my sleigh bell callusses are getting pretty hardcore. my finger calluses keep eling off though. its really annoying. we went to tech class and nothing happened. then we watched a lame movie in some random class. i recieveda facebook im asking me to go to chipotle. i was broke and had no ride home afterwards so naturally i said yes.i planned it out through a series of sketchy one word texts to parents/kids who might have money. got a couple bucks from scott and met up with lauren and moira. we walked really far behind the rest of the group. it was pretty damn cold. at chipotle zach offered to by me a big bag of lube with lube dripping out the sides. i didnt know him at all. what a good person. we ate in the bathroom because i am not a full person and they want me to stay away from the customers. i said something about "adopt a lesbian child" and lauren and emily found it hilarious. i met a lot of people that day. i also learned that there are other people out there who are misogynistic and listen to nofx. i was the only one not weaing my dad's work clothes. maribeth found a wand that made doorbell sounds. maribeth seems pretty cool. i met annalise too, after previously telling her i was a make-a-wish kid. people told me to steal stuff. i didnt. because it was borders. thats like stealing knowledge. i went to a gas station that didnt have arizona. how can you legally call yourself a dick sucing truck and not have arizona? i then went to olde towne and got some arizona. after sketchily waiting outside the schooby myslef i got picked up by my dad.
and i lived happily ever after.
the end.
how can i laugh tomorrow when i cant even smile today?

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