Wednesday, November 5, 2008

social suicide

i just finished eating guacamole. guacomole is so good. erik sutch usually says so good. erik sutch also plays the open chest game. i played the open chest game. i played the open chest game with joe emily alex and scott. joe emily alex and scott are juniors. i have no idea why but all my upperclassmen friends are juniors. Jordan is a junior. he came back today. its a shame he wasnt there for the end of marching band. he always believed in me.the entirety of this blog so far has been an attempt to do that rap thing where the next line always begins with what the last line ends with. rap is decent music. music is great. like, for real. i just played drums for a few hours. it was quite some fun. school was fun today. we had an assembly. they kept on telling us about how a million kids were lcing. i find it slightly ironic that we missed a class to learn about not missing class. i missed physics class. physics is so hard. im so bad at o connor always talks to me in that "im concerned with you and im hoping youll do better because i know you can tone". you know. the tone that makes you hate adults. i have never seen my dad angrier about something more superficial before. he was breaking shit and slamming shit because my mom didnt get soda. what the fuck. we have mountain dew and pepsi already. i love mountain dew. so many of my friends dont like me talking about mountain dew. one of them is laurel. laurel might move. i might cry. that would suck so much. it would be all the way to oregon too. i miss seventh grade. seventh grade was amazing. its when girls started talking to me. its also when i got less awkward and depressing. which is weird. because now when girls talk to me i act awkward and depressing. i was told this blog was too you think this blog is depressing? i really dont know how many people read this blog. i thought it was three. i was mistaken. im really bummed about drumline being over. i probably wont touch quads again until senior year. im determined to be better than kevin so i can get snare. it wont happen. a boy can dream. ive been having really weird dreams lately. i can remember them in the morning and then i forget. but i can remember there weird.WHAT THE FUCK! gay marriage was just banned in california. fuck people. im not sure i want to get married. all married people seem really depressed. i also dont want to be that creepy fat bald guy that always refers to himself as a "bachelor". i wonder if ill ever be bald. if i win best hair senior year i plan to shave it all right afterwards. ill probly do something useful with the hair. like locks of love. or arts and crafts. crafts are hard. im not good at making things. or doing things. Icarly is on. im wondering if i should change the channel. i will not. i went skating today. it was cold and it rained. it was really fun. i might not skate again til spring.i used to skate so much. old me would want to fight me. people say this blog is to long. for them. im gonna stop now.

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