Friday, November 7, 2008

I Wanna Be a Blog Boyyyyyyy

hello. you are reading my blog. and as you are reading my blog, you might be inclined to ask how my day was, and i would be inclined to say great. upon hearing this, you may be inclined to ask how great it is. i offer this as an example. someone said they liked my pants. but wait. it gets better. it was a female person. a female person with pretty eyes. but wait. it gets better. later that day i was again complimented on my pants. by another anyway, i woke up. and i went to school. and then i went to russian. theres like two freshman in that class. i got points off for not having friends. then i went to history. mrs lotto is waaaaay pregannt. like. ive never seen someone more definitively pregnant. it was another group jaunt. i have friends in that class. it was fun. apparently some people think im a pimp. i then went to band. noreen is a good person. i fucking rocked those sleigh bells. jordan and eric had a really long xylophone jam. it was actually prety good.i knocked over a stand. people looked at me. i told them i was awkward. they laughed. im not sure why. i then went to foundations of technology. we sang a lot. kevin has a beautiful voice. ajs ipod is really cool. it has like built in speakers. i then went to lunch.i ate food. i saw katie. it was really awkard. like. we all talked really slow. like no one was even attempting to start a real conversation. katie is still pretty awesome though. then it was math class. failed a test on something i knew because i had a song stuck in my head. FUCK THAT OVERSTOCK.COM COMMERCIAL!after the test he let us talk. hes been doing that a lot lately. what a fellow. i aced a physics test. ive never done that before. mrs. optican wouldnt let us go to the play. i talked to hallie. which is weird. but apparently we share the same love of willie willson.i was gonna go to the gas station. but then i saw bobby. so i talked to him. he lost his googly eye. what the fuck. i gave him that googly eye to show that im googly for him. i then saw moira and lauren. we went to java junction. it was fun. there good people. i then wento the gas station and helped walk moiras dog. i went back to school. fuck alcoholics. if you die drunk i wont cry for you. i was so cised for this game. when i showed up i saw naz. nazis great. he kept on talking to me in spanish. i kep on saying he was good as a pickle in russian.anna sat in our side. it meant a lot to me. she gave me the friendship bracelet. it kicks ass. im actually gonna wear it. even though my dadlooks at me really sketchy now. willie always gets annoyed that my friends watch us. only he thinks laurels hot. so he didnt. dannys quad head broke. which is really weird. it was almost new. we got new sticks. they were the same size but different sizes. if that makes sense.we played chamelon. i got to fill. fuckyeah. the other team tried to low brass off us. so. weird. half time was great. i hung out with naz. i also saw julia. she didnt know how to dothe gangster hug. i have julias permission to dream about her. being a creeper has never been easier. i did not solo. i cant believe the seasons over. i cant believe this blogs over.

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