Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i want to put the word blog into the decline but its impossible

it really is. Its mark again. this is my last blog. i might start my own. probly not. i awoke today with high hopes. they were soon crushed. i tried to do my social studies brochure on the computer. i could not. i basically sat around avoiding doing projects all day. Today i went to the university of maryland for my sisters birthday. it was dissapointing. we picked up my grandparents at the cvs, the way my dad picks up illegal immigrants. my grandmother did not sing a spanish song bout lvong marijuona this time. dissapointing. my grandmother could not close the door. it was really quite depressing. my sister laughed. i dont really care. i like my sister. shes not depressing at all. If only she was edge or vegan or something. We ate at the seven seas restaurant in college park. the food wasnt that great. the tofu was really akward. it was super deep fried. when i tried to cut it in half the breading fell of and i basically had to eat hard grease. its weird to go out with my family. my dad started pantoming king fu fighting and spilled a bunch of tea then refused to admit it was him. there are so many things wrong with that at a chinese restaraunt. he then went on to tell us abou a dream where my mom was geting her legs waxed.very loudly.my mom made vegan cupcakes. they were good. im going to a football game with my sister on saturday. im really looking forward to it. im also going to hang out with laurel and anna. annas getting her hair cut. i am not. my hair is geting really ridiculous. it does not look good anymore. i still refuse to do anything with it. i guess this is really it. i cant believe it. ill never be writing this blog again. goodbye guys. its been a lot of fun, ive made a lot of friends, weve shared some laffs, ive inspired people to complain on the internet, and ive overall showed the world how easy it is for a kid with no life to sound interesting on the internet. there are so many people id like to thank. id like to thank scott for making this all possible. id like to thank my dad for being made fun of. id like to thank katie for making it into every one of my blogs and every one of my trips to gaithersburg. id also like to thank laurel and anna for being there for me whenever i want to watch people run or feel special because i made them get blogs. speaking of anna id like to thank the entire magruder cross country team for being so nice. i love you all your all very attractive. id also like to thank joe johnson. i really dont need a reason for that one. speaking of people with the same first and last initials id like to thank willie wilson for sticking his head in the sewer for my mistake. id also like to thank ben zetts for begging me for money and predjudis comments. couldnt make it without you. id also like to thank chris gross for being so rockin.also, quickly id like to thank george washington carver, peter singer, the owner of the ramen corporation and my sponsors taco bell and alll my readers(laurel and anna}. i couldnt have made it his far without you.id like to end this with a song by chris clavin.WHAT HAPPENED TO WHAT WE WERE ALL BLOGGING FOR? WHAT IM STILL BLOGGING FOR! I FEEL MY WORDS ARENT BEING READ! WHAT MADE U DECIDE TO CLOSE THIS BEAUTIFUL BLOG THAT ONCE WAS OPEN SO WIDE?FUCK BLOG 08!markjubertsgreatestblog09keepyoureyesout

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