Tuesday, November 11, 2008

im from the U.S.F.A.

sarah palin did not know africa was a continent. oh what mightve been. today i went to school. today i got a letter at school. today i felt good about getting a letter at school. it said nice things. it also said vegan hardcore in cool letters. how nice of them to remember that i am vegan and or hardcore.it was cold as a motherfucking mug. i dont know why i stand outside in the morning. i always just get humped by ryan. not that theres anything wrong with that. i was once hugging bonilla and patrick koontz said "yall are bi". it blew my mind.homophobes are getting more homophobic.ben was not at school today. english class was very quiet. but she still got pissed. cus we all are stupid and she hasnt taught us anything. she looked at me and asked if even i didnt get it. fuck that. im not special. she thinks im smart because im always asleep in that class. i found out answers are in the back of the math book. i have a good feeling about this quarter. i actually understood the math today. it was all thanks to julia. thank you julia. julia and anna are at a cross country banquet. ive never been to a banquet before. it sounds luxurious. ive never ran and enjoyed it before. i dont know how they do it. i wanna join the magruder cross country team, but without running. i asked joe johnson to ask abby spitler to the winter formal. that wont be funny to anyone but anna, and thats if im lucky. joe said he wouldnt because its apparently a sadie hawkins dance.i told him to ask her to ask me to the winter formal. he refused. i learned that joe had asked abby to a dance before.the idea of a sadie hawkins dance infuriates me. sexist bastards. its saying that girls CANT ask guys to any other dance. total white male bull shit.just like history class. were learning about the "splendid little war". id start shit in that class if i wasnt so tired. mrs lotto is leaving. its gonna suck. we had a free day in band today. i did english homework. then i went to watch jordan and eric freestyle. they stopped. jordan challenged chris to a drum battle. you shouldve seen the fear in his eyes. me and chris tried to do that stick click thing were we hit each others sticks at the same time. it almost worked. he hit my hand. its swelling a bit. emily didnt eat lunch with us. it hurt deep inside. open chest was played all throughout lunch. i wish i had never brought that game up. ive been listening to against me a lot. its just sounded so good lately.IMPPPPAAAAAACCCCTTTTTTTTTTTTT! if only i could drop that into conversations. maaybe one day. lets all go to a folk punk show. we'll sing along. we'll dance. we'll make inside jokes. trust me. itll be fun. i posted the link to this blog on myspace. for the three kids that only use myspace. i miss myspace. it reminds me of happier days. moira wants me to go to mama lucias while shes working. i may. but its also next to chipotle. so ill probly eat there instead.i could go for some guacamole right now. i mention guacamole in so many of my blogs. can you blame me? there are pictures of the show up on someones profile that im not friends with. i am constantly making strange faces. i dont even think about it anymore. AJ is in canada. i dont know why. lucky bastard. <3. report cards came out today. 3.43 gpa. im not sure if thats bad or not. ive been listening to sage francis quite often. rapping is really easy. but i cant say the n word. so i wont. ive been listening to this possy/folk/british/acoustic person on youtube. its really catchy.i wish i was british. girls would be all over me. except for british girls. theyd probly want to fight me. because thats just how it works. like that song on that ghost muce cd that wasnt by ghost mice. but was better than all the other songs. thats just straight up embarassing. my flip flops are downstairs. good bye old friends, winter is coming. its gonna suck. i wore that one jacket the entirety of 8th grade and that one hoodie for the entirety of 7th. im still making my decision for this year. i might get some gloves too. probably not. hats are pointless. like wearing visors backwards. i have heard a decent amount of thats what she said jokes today. today at lunch antoinette walked by and said "i guess your not sneezing now" which is funny cuz i sneezed in russian. ha.

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