Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pods and blogs

its mark again. scott will be back soon. you have no idea how long i looked through my ipod to come up with that title. yesterday my title was a descendents joke. katie dance is playing descendents in my basement. i saw katie at victor litz. thats a lot of thiongs that have to do with each other isnt it? james just told me to watch his blog.i might. erik sutch told me he liked my hair. he has no i idea how much it means to me. i miss timber shows. they were always so fun. i havent been to a show since the gaithersburg skatepark show. i was in gaithersburg all day today. the cross country counties were today and i went to go see them.I saw anna there. anna is my designated hardcore friend.she ran 3 miles in 20 minutes. what the fuck. thats ridicuolous.i couldnt do that ever. at all. i ran 16 minute on the one mile in middle school.middle school really sucked. it didnt matter at all and i was bad at it.they made me take spanish. what the fuck. i dont dont want to take spanish ever. all the teachers are creepers. if i want to learn spanish ill go to spain. iplan to go to europe with an acoustic guitar like chris clavin. my dad took me shopping for acoustic guitars today. my dads really cool about me liking to play music. one time i mentioned a bass in a conversation and he was all ready to buy one and shit. we cant afford basses. what the hell. he gets mad when we get the "expensive" ramen. i did not get a guitar. i might get one tommorow though. my parents just walked into the room for a reallym long time. it was awkward. i met annas parents at the meet.it was awkward at first. but annas parents are prett cool. annas mom has a really, cool accent and look a lot like her. annas dad does nto look a lot like her. i am scared of him. a lot. but hes nicve. he offred to drive me to new jersey to get french fries. i might take him up on that. i met annas magruder friends. i hung around them awkwardly. just like i hang out with everyone. i realized ive been listening to really werid music lately. like defiance ohio and andrew jackson jihad and sage francis. i am now listening to nofx and graf orlock. graf orlock is so good. ive been typing for a really long time.i should probly stop soon but i have so many inner thoughts and deep secrets to share with strangers on the internet. i only have three days of this.i might start my own blog. i inspired people to write there own blogs. blog is a very awkward word.i think only three people read this. and know that im writing it, probably two.i havent started my social studies project on why americas great. fuck that. americas nevwer been great. i meant just turn that in as my project. fuck social studies. complete white mans lies.

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