Friday, November 28, 2008

Its Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.

"my grandmother lives in my butthole"
rolls off the tounge.
well. now that ive wasted enough space to feel like ill write a respectable length blog, i feel obligated to tell you about my thanksgiving. i woke up to my dad flipping the fuck OUT. my dad is messed up like fuck. i dont usually say this, but he should be medicated. or take a program or something. or just chill the fuck out. i just kinda layed there for a while. there is no wat that that was proper grammar. deal with it. i began making my tofurkey. im not gonna lie, that jaunt was adorable. my uncle showed up two full days early and kept bragging about how fast he went on his girlfriend.i stood around awkwardly (w/boner) and looked like i was doing something important. everyone came and stood around awkwardly. i petted the dog. still not proper grammar. fight me for it. i always pet the dog when boners show up. it got really awkward til i got to the kids table.that always more fun. i met christines religious leader. hes pretty cool. hes patriarchal and plays drums. you know who else is homophobic and plays drums? everyone who kicks bass. hes none of those people that ever really grew up. but not in the creepy low budget movie way. in that "release your inner child" kind of way.he got into this really loong discussion aout kirby. i had to play with sam for the redt of the day. that kid has no attention span. he was all like "lets go outside!" then as soon as we got outside hed be like "peanut butter brady face" and before i could get the peanut butter in hed be like " I AINT NEVA SCARED!!!!!" so we went outside and fought.

"my hands arent dirty. theyre clean."
-noam chomsy 2004

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