Monday, November 17, 2008

malt liqour tastes better when your blogging.

i could cry. i really could. my ipod broke. i have no backups cuz someone deleted the songs on the computer. i have no fucking idea why anyone would do that. seriously. this has happened like a million times before.fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. i dont know if life is worth living anymore.instead of listening to music on the bus ill just cut myself. no ones gonna mess with a bleeding kid. would you? no. no you wouldnt. im gonna watch the notebook on satuday. speaking of love andrew is the biggest cock block in the world. i was putting the moves on moiraand he just comes out of no where and grabs me. and my game was tight. i was definitely gonna get laid. only i respect moira far too id be about to get laid then leave. like they told us in health class. i made a pom feel bad about themselves. what a great day.there was a freeday in band today. we wrote a song about mix tape. its easily our best song ever. if any of them are reading this, i want to make love to your music. but after a stable relationship and marriage. like black jesus intended. they are selling a pole as an excercise machine 4 60 bucks on tv. people are stupid. especially fat people about losing wait if that product has made enough money to advertise on tv outside of the montgomery county channel at 4 am. ive been on that channel on 4 am. people always said i would be famous. emily hasnt mentioned me in her blog ever. and she promised she would. but its cool. so the same day my ipod broke my new phone came. which is a whole nother load of bullshit that i dont need. gimme yo number cuz i lost it. annas good at taking pictures. im gonna call annas mom constantly. best. accent. ever. i will never be able to get her bracelet off again. which is the way it should be. i wont be able to sleep tonight without music. ill probly fight someone tommorow. i think only 6 people read this. im just gonna give up and start writing a journal in really bad handwriting. so much more punx. i hung out with lauren for the first time in ever today. i missed that girl. her eyes have changed. joe needsto be less of a player. hes gonna get a bunch of stds or something.i just lost the game. whenever i say it it always has the same response. a group of people saying "fuckkkkkkkkkk" while sighing. you know what im talking about.i tottaly b lew off all my homework today. ill do it in tech class tommorow. he told me he was worried about me. im positive he thinks im doing drugs in the bathroom.killallhumans. if one more person says "it was so full of win" or anything along those fucking lines ill fucking stab them. no joke.emilys status is "sleeping, text me". i think i will. i need a fucking hug. not from you. dont fucking touch me. my jaunts almost out of battery. fuck life. fuck my life.

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