Wednesday, November 12, 2008

maybe this will stop yer bellyaching

so many people have asked me to write this blog in the past 5 minutes. i think i will listen to them. i love all three of you. this morning i was tired like a mother fucker. and i had even treated myself to three extre minutes. thats luxury.russian was great. there were three papers where you just had to write wether or not someone worked. like shes gonna fucking find out. ill write whatever the hell i want. tell russia to fight me if they disagree. We met the sub for social studies today. total creeper. he will damage someones self esteem permanently by the end of the quarter. all because mrs lotto needs to pop out babies. my mom keeps onto talking to me about it. while im on the phone. she told me to call christine but didnt tell me what to say. she does that every time.we didnt do anything in band today.i really wanna learn how to play xylophone just to fit in. the bells are satans best friend. they made me quit band in 5th grade. i could never take them apart in time and i would be late to my next class. in elementary school. i wish i knew it didnt matter back found of tech i was doing math homework. i was halfway through a problem nd he told me we didnt have to do that one. we did. it was the only one without freee answers that we had to do. he thought i would be mad. i wasnt. i dont care about math at all. im two years ahead. ive got the entirety of high school to earn two more credits.scott took a stand for me during open chest. my hero. i gave the heart sign to joes sister. it was amazing. i love mr o connor. i hate everything he teaches. i was so spaced out in that class. i always am. its impossible to pay attention.its hot and i sit next to dalla. 7N for life. Chris has Brooks Wackerman sticks. he claims he knows who that is. he does not. he is the bad religion drummer. they are really nice sticks. chris has gotten really good. hes probably better than me. but im better at doing completely showoffy assholeish stick spins. so people think im better. me and andrew talked about how hot coileen was for the entirety of english class. it was so awkward for her.i told them they should mate. if you read this, you should mate with me. we can have blog spawn. i worte a few songs during lunch today. its too easy to write bad music. scott says he cant write a guitar part. he is limiting my artistically. how the fuck can he ask me to choose between sob and my family? that was why we broke up. he cant give me an ultimatum over my family. it was the gnarliest thing ive ever been through. like three divorces at once.reunion tour. keep your eyes out. i want to bum out around gaithersburg after school more often. hit me up if you want to too. this weekend i hope to have band practice, do my physics project, go to the mall, and have my grandparents over for dinner. laurel says she feels uncomfortable around me. i know who my real friends are. laurel. cuz that took guts. we went to the mall to get my phone fixed. i was afraid people i knew would be there. just cuz it wouldve been awkward. it took forever, and eventually we just called customer service at the store. i have to send it in. i remember i did that with my ipod. it took six fucking months. i literally spiraled into depression. i liked patent pending back then. i had a patent pending jacket. i wore it mto the hospital when my sister almost died. the nurse mad jokes about it. fuck that. save my sister. andrew the fluteist knows every word to handlebars. mad props to him. i wish i was special like that. im gonna learn every word to im yours ciz ive referenced it in so many blogs. and so i can sing along in found of tech class.

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