Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh blog, i think im dead.

im listening to sea lion by sage francis. so good. you know whats not so good? this blog. its been going down hill. just like my grades.i got a d on my physics test and i didnt even care. i remember last year i wouldve probably freaked out or cried or cut myself or something. what a loser. i hope i dont do good in high school. i hope i cant make i to college. that way ill be forced to have fun with my life instead of joinging a frat knocking someone up and getting stuck with a bunch of are gross. they always have colds and are licking shit. thats not healthy.neither is the skin on my hand. i seriously need some fucking lotion. its ridiculous. they get itchy whenever i close them. and ive reopened the split on my knuckles several times today. at least i dont have tendanitis like chris. that jaunt must suck. my drum teacher would always used to tell me that if i didnt bend my fingers back i wouldnt be able to open doors. it freaked me the fuck out. i do it every time i play. we had a fire drill in band. it was fun. willie wilson said "sup" to me. happiest fucking day of my life. not "fags" or "ladies" but "sup". i think im just gonna quit drumming now. theres nothing more to accomplish. i really need to take lessons again. im not getting any better. i just keep playing the same things over and over again. i think im gonna start a rap journal. and try to rhyme a page a day for a year. then itll battle scotts acoustics and we'll see whos more punx. i know id only do it for like a day though. when people freestyle, check how many times they rhyme the words "hey" and "gay". its astounding. i think mrs lotto popped. maybe we will stop being fed white mans bullshit. i hope her child grows up and gets arrested for dissent. today she taught us about how great the patriot act is. i think the government just has her scared shitless. im going to try to be much more intense. i need a faux leather jacket and studs.and a knife.have you ever seen saw? lauren thought that was so funny. andrew kulesh apparently knows lauren. i repeatedly tell kulesh im writing songs about his sister. im not sure if he kknows that im serious.i hope scotts done with it. i am not looking forward to thanksgiving. every year every relative gives me shit about being vegan. they make it sound like its a disease.sometimes its fun though. we bought a tofurkey. its adorable.its like the size of a fist and weighs five pounds. i really need to do my math project. i probably wont. fuck math. im just gonna take stat next year and call it quits. i need to comb my hair. i think ill do one side this weekend then call it quits. growing up really fucking sucks. find that video amazing. fuck life.

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Annacus said...

Stop growing up.
I don't know how to grow up.