Sunday, November 9, 2008

one less blog to break

my day was extremely uneventful. i played drums all day today. it hurt like hell. i hate my thumb. ever since i got the infection i cant drum or guitar for more than an hour without it hurting like a motherfucker.and theres not even any hardcore scar there for me to show lame. at the moment im learning a patent pending song about not killing yourself. i know so many patent pending songs. i dont even like patent pending that much. there songs are just easy. i got my second follower today. it was emily. it made me feel good. i know who my real friends are.i want to make this blog really long and annoying but nothing happened today. im gonna try though. my sister came home yesterday. i said hi and went to sleep. i woke up today. she said bye and left. our family is so close. i wanna not suck at guitar so bad. if anyone knows how to read chord diagrams, comment or something. i told someone i was going skating. i got sidetracked and didnt. they asked me how it was. i said good. i felt terrible. i apologize. danny told me i should join poms. as a drummer not a pomperson. i may or may not do it. i love playing drums and i want to play quads as much as possible before the years over. but i also dont wanna have to wake up for stuff. or be that creepy loser whos around the poms but doesnt know any of them. i have voices in my head that wont stop beatboxing. i wanna live somewhere else so bad. i want to be homeless. i want to live on the roof. i want to listen to math the band. i want world peace for christmas. a lot of people posted blogs today. they were all good. andrew jackson jiihad songs are stuck in my head. that is such a cool name. a lot of my friends are depressed. that depresses the hell out of me. the simpsons are on. i really need to stop watching tv. i dont even want to anymore. i just need noise. i think my left ear is going to go deaf. just a theory. i cant believe we have school tommorow. im jut going to drop out and do drugs. i did math homework for the first time tonight. a little piece off me died.i really want a soda. maybe i should quit caffeine. and honey. i will be so much better than everyone else. i hope someone asks me what my bracelets for. ill freak out and tell them i have friends. or that i like watermelon and homosexuals. people need to stop being assholes. ill fight the next person that says faggot and is littler than me/an easy target. im gonna go play music.

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