Sunday, November 16, 2008

out of step with the blog.

its like i wasnt even trying on that title. seriously. i should be dissaponted in me. who the fuck are you to ask me how my day was. my day was great. my weeekend was not. yesterday i just sat around all day listening to minor threat. not that theres anything wrong with that. ian mckaye looks like he could easily be a nazi. like slayer. brandon shanks likes slayer. what a nazi. maybe he should go kill jews and use the n word.but hes alright. were gonna make a hardcore band. scott says brandon "thinks" im hardcore. what the fuck. if your trying to say something say it to my face.i woke up today to find a text from anna on my phone. what a dfelightful way to start my day. i will tell you what it said. it said i should go to the mall. do you know what they have at the mall? ritas.fuckyeahfuckyeahfuckyeah. i remember when there was only ritas in ocean city. its the best thing ever. naturally i said yes right away. i walked out of my room and asked my dad to drive me to the mall. he said he didnt want to drive me because he "drives that way every day". what the fuck is that even supposed to mean. EVERY DAY INCLUDES TODAY JACKASS! i began cleaning until he felt bad enough to takem me. in the end my mother took me. i showed up with cupcakes in hand to celebrate laurels veganism. this led to EXTREME dissapointment. laurel broke. veganism and SxE. i no longer have any respect for her at all. but i still love that girl. they liked my cupcakes. i was way to cised to go to ritas. i got green apple. i ate it while waiting for them outside of the girls room. and io was still happy.cuz that shit is amazing. we then took photos. ive never been in one of them booths. its claustraphobic in that jaunt,. there are only supposed to be two people. we had to split up the pictures. it split up my heart. we went to hot topic. that place represents everything i hate.i saw alyssa there? yes i did. alyssas pretty cool. for someone i dont know very well. we talked to the employee. she had gauges. julia nitler has gauges. i dont know her very well either. she still seems cool. we met up with brandon. i didnt know brandon. i vaugley do know. he talked shit about nofx. what the fuck. only punx who like the musuic but hate fat mike can do that. i had some maui taco. laurel and brandon drunk my drank. they didnt even ask. they just went for it. then yelled at me to get a refill. i dont need that.seriously. brandopn needs to like hardcore.anna was sick. im starting to feel feverish. whatever. im not gonna hold anything against her.they left. i wandered around awkwardly til my brother picked me up. we went home and my rrelatives came over. they made me play quads. why the fuck would they want to hear that. me and my borhter actually talked. we havent done that in a while. which sucks. but i cant blame him. mhy cousin wants to be in a band called the flaming guitars.we think he should start a gang called the potomac death crew. my great uncle sung la cucuracha. the real version of that song is about marijuona. thats the one he sings. my brother played that song i love. the one he always played in the basement with the lights off without an ending that none of you have probably heard. it was a good day.

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Brandon said...

nofx fagget


and all hardcore isn't bad, the ones that use more metal than hardcore as influence are alright. converge is epic win