Saturday, November 22, 2008

what makes you think is blog would ever want me again?

id like to apologize. to you, this blog and most of all myself. i neglected a responsibility and i will never be able to change it. im sorry. i understand if you refuse to continue reading.i know who my real friends are. there reading this. i can already tell this isnt going anywhere. a shitload of stuff happened but id rather type aimlessly. im in a really weird mood. i want to listen to really lame chill music. like feist and merian ag and stuff. so weird. british music is realllllly weird. you know what else has to do with music? i fixed my snare drum. i had a really long discussion over what a snare drum was. im extremely proud of myself. it was all shaky and shit and sounded terrible because i broke myhead. it sounds so good now. like. rich undertones and what not. if it wasnt midnight id be playing right now. ive been playing drums so much lately. cuz that show inspired me. what show you might ask? the empire state show. prior to it i hung out in gaithersburg for like five hours. it was cold as fuck. me and scott met lauren at the flagpole at 2 20. we then took the ride on to chipotle. i was really nervous. cuz id never taken a bus before and had no idea h to tell where a bus was going. lizbeth stood next to me on the bus. wich was really awkward cuz i didnt notice for a long time. and we had made eye contact and what not. chipotle is so good. i was so glad my mom had thrown a ten at me in the morning. it was filled with kids from so many different schools. i repeatedly said "GHS DRUMLINE. SAY.SOMETHING." Lauren told me i should be a comedian. it made me feel good about myself. i said no. being a comedian is the greediest fucking thing you can do. its selling your personality. we were in chipotle for like an hour and a half. no joke. we we just kinda sitting there. it was really fun though. i always pray to satan before i put on my shoes. i was gonna buy some chips but didnt. lauren left to go baby sitting. me and scott went to the mall. i saw ONE gaithersburg kid there. and she was like a pom or cheerleader or something. so lame. we went to zumies even though i was broke. i asked if they had five dollar bearings. they did not. we went to hot topic to see if davd delarosa was there. he was not. there was the girl i saw last time. she did NOT get a throat tatoo. we then went to hollister. did you know they have less thanjake at hollister? WHAT. THE. FUCK. im not sure i can listen to them ever again. i will definitely never respect them. me ad scott lost sooooo many punk points at the mall. we didnt lose the game the whole time though, which is really weird cuz lauren was there. after that we hit victor litz. mike didnt quit. my life is a little brighter. after that we went to the show. when we got there, the 8th grade guitarist was PRACTICING AMP JUMPS. i can and will fight him. what he did to music, shows, and over all human decency is inexcusable. all there songs were pretty lame, and or about god. the second band was the jube experience. people always told me i would be famous, but i never believed them. the first song was ska!!!!PLAYSKAPLAYSKAPLKAYSKA. it was really good, the guitarist was amazing. and is my friend on facebook. but needs to take less solos. seriously. we get that your better than us. matt rabassa is a god. a god that would not play i get wet. what the hell. we left before jesus could say shit. i have really good news.

all my songs are still on my brothers ipod.



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