Monday, November 10, 2008

yall dont wanna step to this blog.

people are telling me to write this blog. and im too much of a pushover not to. basically the only person i can say no to is ben zetts and drug dealers. and there not the most convincing people. i could not sleep at all yesterday. i can usually get an hour or so in every night. im failing math so hard. julia tried to help me. thank you. i still am going to fail. i have a 49.1. i even did homework.thats how desperate i was. it didnt help at all. the two questions i didnt understand were what he tested us also about to fail physics. because we missed that one class to learn about not missing class. the school system is fucked. the same people who run the school system run the fucking prison system. and the whole social system. ive been thinking a lot about freedom today. america is not free. dont get me wrong, i know its better than most places but its just not. unless your rich, they force you to go to their school for 12 years of your life were they can shove whatever the hell they want down your gonna drop out of school and just play guitar. my fingers hurt so bad. i cant stop playing. i learned a bunch of nofx songs than instantly forgot them. they were all four chords. my friend just wrote a rap about me. "yoyoyo my name is mark
i go as hard as a shark
i hurt fucking my fingers
i do stuff that rhymes with finger
i eat vegan food
i beat you up if im in a shitty mood
i think he made my point clear. i will fight you. ive told so man y people to fight me. im surprised no one has.if your reading this, fight me. for your family honor. im gonna start going to protests and shit. and start riding the metro. i cant wait til i can get my livense so that i can drive to the metro station.public transportation is the shit.we had a sub in physics class. at one point i realized i was hanging out with ALL forest oak kids. it was a good feeling.mrs optican is fucking crazy. she said she didnt want us to do homework over the weekend. it turned out we had homework over the weekend. my gpa is like to start this quarter over again. i played sleigh bells again in band. i want to learn how to play regular bells. maggie eric, jordan, jen, and chris make it look so easy. and it probably is. but i never want to be able to read notes. it would kill music for me. i remember when i used to take lessons in elementary school. i quit and a fourth grader took my place. it hurt deep. george bush is still president. our country is still screwed. no one seems to care.i cannot wait for the rock against obama cd. its gonna happen. trust me.nader 2012. i think im gonna spend the rest of my year trying to skate more often. it wont happen. ill always suck. ill always just skate minipipe. my minipipe is gone. it was so broken anyway.there were pieces in there from the first ramp i ever skated. i remember my childhood much better than it was. i know this because as a child i fucking hated my life but knew id grow up and think it was great. just like outdoor ed. it sucked. it was so fucking cold. but everyone thinks it was so great. i want to walk places. like 7 11. i need a sidewalk. i eat boca burgers everyday. i checked the side of the fries. i eat like 1500 calories worth a day. but thats all i eat. i think im turning cant be healthy. i found out someone was anemic. there not vegan. i am. and im not anemic. take that bloodmouth doctor. this is so long. im using it as an excuse not to try to go to sleep. i should probly do it anyway. people are mad that im not done. now theyll never now what was gonna come next. spoiler. it was gonna be unicorns.

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