Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yall thought this blog was dead.

it most assuredly is not.hello. this is mark. you may remember me from such blogs as jubertsblogreview. i officially now have my own blog that i will never update. its been a really long time since ive done this. ill get to whats happened since then at a later date. Today was really depressing. i woke up really late. like 1 something. but i woke up to vegan mac and cheese. the day was looking up. i saw my guitar sitting in the corner. shining in the sunlight. its a fender cd60 equipped with the new features if scalloped bracing, traditional bridge, and strap knobs.does anyone know what the fuck that means?Fuck no. furthermore, how is a traditional bridge a new feature? im calling fender on its shit right now. So i started singing songs about forbidden love and pretended to serenade people and whtnot. you know. normal stuff. one time my brother caught me singing wonderwall. i swear to god, i was practicing for the show.i felt the need to learn a new song.that song was stay together for the kids. this song was played at the show.me and maggie may have sang a beautiful duet on it? maybe not. who knows. the song fristrated the hell out of me. it took me three hours to memorize the intro. and you cant listen to that intro for three hours without wanting to slit your wrists and lock your parents into a retirement home. im going to lock my dad into a retirement home. ill send him soda every once in a while. it will be cool. i can now play stay together for the kids. it is hard as fuck to sing to while playing. by this time i was to depressed to leave my computer. so i began picture lurking.i went through well over 500 pictures. i love ambroses flickr. i want to be one of those people that takes pictures of things that are cool and exciting and that way people will think im cool and exciting so theyll hang out with me and more cool and exciting things will happen. i always pictured my high school life being like ambroses flickr. i really dont know why. high school is really dissapointing. i thought there would be more people who thought similarly to me. there are not. people who think great are great. anna thinks great. she is great. she told me today that she missed me and that she made me a friendship bracelet. it was the most adorable thing ive ever heard. i will soon make her and everyone else that kicks ass love beads. just like that british talking crypt gave me. ill let that sink in for a second. crypt. me. love beads. british accent. you heard it but it hasnt quite clicked. i want to be jut like him when i grow up. except the drugs. and gang affiliations.Im talking to awa write now. awa kicks so much ass. they say the world would be a better place if everyone was themselves. bullshit. the world would be a better place if everyone was even a little bit more like awa. i attempted to write a song yesterday. its so bad. its chords i made up/ ripped off of songs i dont like. i cant figure out how words will fit into it. which is weird. i can usually freestyle may way through a lame guitar part i write and forget it within fifteen minutes.i should really just give up guitar.stick with drums. drums are so fun. i only play set like once a week nowadays. i always play snare or quads instead. set is so much more fun but im so damn lazy. maybe i should learn a real insturment. were i dont just hit things. like. trumpet or something. keith once told me there was only 8 notes on a trumpet. i will fucking mess him up. winzelle should be the president. jk. nader should be the president. come on. hes sodamn loveable. like some sort of disney/inspirational/lifetime movie main character. fuck voting. fuck america. im going to europe. except maybe not. i love gaithersburg. drumlines almost over. im gonna miss staying after school and messing around in old town. im also gonna miss quads. i will probably not get them again til senior year. Nick Thrasher told me i would be the shit. i told him i was gonna start a great band then do a lot of drugs and call it quits. this blog was not great. im just gonna do a bunch of drugs and call it quits.

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