Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i almost forgot.

im also gonna reach a hundred blogs. just like last years resolutionwas 3000 myspace comments.

New years Resolutions

1.i will attain a triple bass pedal. i will then summon satan with the br00tality of blast beats.

2.fuck up WAAAAAYYY MORE SHIT. less sharpies. more spray paint. less blow darts. more knives.

3. vegan baking. more of it.

4.i am going to meet more amazing people in safeway. i will no longer let those bastards steal my 57 cents.

5. songs. im gonna write a hunnerd of em. if not a hunner and two.

6.come up with an alternative phrase to "fuck life 08". possible ideas are "fuck life 09" and "nos chool 09"

7.gotta shed them pounds for swim suit season.

8.have every arizona drink.

9. tell more people to fight me.

10. fight someone.

11. US tour.

12. tell more people to go to hell

13. be a nicer person.


15.obtain the same hat as cameron.

16. ask someone to ask me to the winter formal. that jaunts sadie hawkins.

17.learn the part to every cadence on every drum. jordan will then make a million new cadences and ill feel like an idiot.

18. sleep in a squat.

19. not get a disease sleeping in a squat.

20.educate the world on black history month.

21.have a band that practices more than 5 times.

22. quit that band because its getting "way to serious" use key phrases like "WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC" and "I NEED TO BE WITH MY FAMILY"

23.become the most stereotypical punk ever. get faux leather from rugged wear house. denounce all beliefs that arent shared by someone with a mohawk.

24. stop saying "peace" instead of "goodbye"

25. love beads. your gonna get em.

26.skate more.

27. study less.

28.learn to pig squeal. that shits awesome.

29. stop talking to my parents COMPLETELY.

30. learn to draw.

31.quit honey. i havent eaten honey in like a year but now im gonna start bragging about it.

32.campfires. need i say more?

33.public transportation. make small talk with the people that use it.

34. become less creepy, but more awkward.

35.talk to a girl.

36. talk to a guy.

37.tell EVERYONE i know that 09 is one second shorter than 08. SET YO CLOCKS

Saturday, December 27, 2008

oi to the world.

so i almost died christmas eve. getting a slurpee. it was pretty cool.i got a kfc card for christmas. it was pretty cool. my cuosin made a penis out of silly putty and all my relatives thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

american pie

my dad sings it EVERY time i pick up a guitar.
anoyying as fuck.

My Inner Children Are Runaways.

im gonna make an effort to blog everyday again. simply because i forget things that happen if i dont write them down. and i cant go on breaking kevins heart. i feel awkward writing this. its like talking to someone you used to be friends with but then didnt see for two years. which is why im never going to ask someone i know how theyre doing. its the least personal question imaginable. spoonboy got me thinking about it. spoonboy named cptain chaos. captain chaos has a song about sharpies that ive been looking for for months. i found it. and i lost it again.id just learn the song but i dont have a capo. i was in victor litz today, chexin out the double basses. im gonna be brutal as fuck.only im broke as fux. i dont know why im broke. i won 15 dollars playing dice at the corpse fortress. it was timbers last show. i got the very last cd and t shirt. the t shirt is a small. i havent worn a small since the third grade. but i did today. i felt kinda like a manwhore. timber played sooooo good. and i hung out with my brother for the first time in a long time. and i saw shawn.he DID expose himself. we were at lilas house. lila was the trojanette of the month. her interview was hilarious.i cant believe the paper let them publish that. school things arent supposed to be funny. school is supposed to be lame. like the school basketball game i went to. willie dropped his snare. everyones blaming it on me. i dont give a fuck. but then mr grande got mad at wouldnt let danny solo so he got depressed and wouldnt play. awa sang the star spangled banner.SO GOOD. but she apologized in the middle. she shouldve. no one wants to hear that song. fuck america. the going to europe thing started out as a joke but im really gonna do it. but ill do it like sumer through autumn. cause walking around aimlessly in the winter sucks. i hope they have taco bell in europe. i accidentally called a bunch of people this week. either because i was playi drums or because i was in an intense blow gun fight. me moira and scott got them at kb toys and just shout each other in that little place below the escalator. child4life. kb toys is going t of business. AT CHRISTMAS. A TOY STORE.AT CHRISTMAS. fuckvideogames. always ruining childhods and such.fucklife08 is almost over. noschool09 is about to go down. we got out for a water main break in BETHESDA. the system works. i ended up just throwing candy canes at people. i have two left. ill probly eat them. i cant wait to get my music back. i feel like something will go wrong because im a computer dumbass.ive been thinking about freeganism a lot lately. for those o you who dont know, its when you only buy vegan food but youll eat cheese an dairy if its in the garbage. i think its going to be my next poll. im gonna quit honey soon. apparently andrew drinks honey. thats fucking DISGUSTING.and it cant be good for you. ive been eating way too much fried food. not my fault thats the only way tofu tastes good. my sisters back. i barey notice her.shes nocturnal. but i will be in a few days. if i wake up past twelve i feel like its tolate to do anything. im gonna try really hard to hang out this break. because i never do.


i forgottogetritas08.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the brightest blog has burned out.

id post.
but im to busy dealing with the crippling depression associated with my stepsons death.
perchance tommorow.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Out On White Night In Rome

my week started terrible.i looked and felt like shit. i couldnt sleep. i was fucking mad at everyone and didnt talk to anyone.today and yesterday were so fucking great. i still cant sleep. i feel like im making friends again. i hung out with this girl named coco for a really long time. she seemed pretty cool. that was before the chorus concert. awa is SO GOOD. bridgette can sing ridiculously high. maggie played a song. it was really good. i hung out with maggie a lot yesterday throughout the band concert. teh band concert was really good. jazz band was amazing. i was amazing. you shouldve seen my sleigh bell solo. you should have seen mr grandesd failed abortion sing. it was amazingly adorable. pom cadence was so good. it felt good. gogo is always awkward cuz i dont know it. i went to a show today. lukas's brother was there. they played ska. mrs kelly was there drunk off her ass. it was hilarious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

best day ever.

i hung out with mixtape.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Small Blog

i went to the chorus concert.
i met a girl named coco.
things almost happened that bosted my self esteem.
maggie is good at singing.
awa is good at singing.
rickys rice bowl is good at tofu.

Monday, December 8, 2008


no ear infections. they did not check my hearing though.i quite possibly am just going deaf. if i do go deaf i will take my own life. its been real.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

on and on and blog

nothing happened. nothing ever does. i need to do something new. i need a different instrument. i need a new genre to listen to. i need to hang out with a stranger. i need to get out of this fucking house. i need to go to old towne. i love old towne. im going to hang out there on new years.i dont care if my parents want me to go to some lame part.i find it amazing that ive just decided to hang out in old towne after school so many times and never had to hang out by myself. there was always some random person who was down. does anyone want to hang out in old towne? never mind. im broke. actually. im not broke. i haved fifty bucks. and im to lazy to get change for it. but i need 20 bucks. and i need to buy presents and shit. christmas is tottaly bull shit. people thinks its become to commercial. but if it wasnt about being commercial, it would probably be on jesus's birthday. i dont know why our family celebrates christmas. im pretty sure none of us are christians. or believe in religion at all. being sick sucks. yesterday i had an ear infection. today im not so sure. does anyone know if ear infections can just go away? im going deaf. i really am. i dont think ill be able to hear at all by the time im thirty. why the fuck would i want to be thirty. i just got a chain text message. there really annoying. ill fight her for sending it to me. someones status is GBURG GIRLS JVV BASKETBALL RULLLEEEEESSSSS. no one cares. your jv. and a girl. stay in the kitchen. and your not even playing football. what the hell. i miss football. concert band sucks. mr grande throws shit at me. which is confusing as fuck. he refuses to make eye contact with me when talking about next years line. im definitely getting bass. i cant wait til i can drive. im gonna randomly show up at peoples houses so much. like. people i dont know very well. and im just going to sleep on there floors. but itll be like noon. because thats how you make friends. and get stds. i need to come my fucking hair. bobby has my fucking guitar. i want my fucking guitar. ive been listening to a lot of hip hop lately.because punk is dead. and so is ska. my mom got me a mustard plug jacket. the really thin kind. that i will never wear ever. i wanted to see mustard plug twice. but my parents thought id get shot. i want to go to positive youth fest this year. i doubt my brother will give me a ride. im not sure why he hates me now. i dont know anything about my family. i think i missed the mc chris show. and the graf orlock show. i need to go to a fucking show. but im too "broke". i feel like shit. ive been writing this blog for like two hours. i just got showed a song called "marks song". its really religious.im gonna go for a walk after this. i need my coat back. why do so many people have my stuff? i plan to steal one of my brothers books. because i know he has like. a henry rollins book or something. i think im going to florida. i know we'll be eating at mcdonalds every day for like every meal. that means i will be drinking soda. mcdonalds was not even good when i was a bloodmouth. checkers was. checkers has the best fries.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Writers blog.

thats right.
i had it.
fucking say something. i saw a bus crash. do you know what the fuck thats like? kids scraming, mirrors crashing, administrators waving there walkie talkies around like complete assholes. pure chaos. and this was only at like 5 miles per hour. you cut cut the intensity with a knife. being the good person i am i immediately started yelling at the kids then walking to chipotel. it was kevin p's bus. i always hang out at chipotle for a really long time. like multiple hours. laurel had nver been there before. unexcusable. i got way more stuff then i needed. like. chips and shit. it was delectable. empty cups piss brandon off. i was staying after school so that i could represent at the ghs talent show. i bought tickets in advance. t took forever for me to figure out where to buy them because it said EBONY AWARENESS in huge letters and talent show in really small letters.o one cares if your black. you are probably not the minority at gaithersburg. way to segregate yourself. after buying tickets one of them was like "that kids scared of black people". that could not be further from the truth. im scared of big people. i have black friends. i have black cousins. i could say the n word if i wanted to. but i dont. because im not fucking racist. i was also called a snowflake and if course, a "whack as white boy" i then chased franklyn done the hall screaming "YOU SCARED OF WHITE PEOPLE?!?!?!". he is. i saw someone who was one of the people i may know on facebook. but i didnt know them. i wasnted to say hi to them so i could say i did know them. but i didnt.bobby stole my fucking guitar. he hasnt given it back. we aced that song. and i got to jam with jason afterwards. im so bad at guitar. not for long. i actually practive a lot. like. at least an hour a day. or i would. if bobby didnt have my fuckin g guitar. mr o connor is really good at guitar. i am not going to be the pom drummer. but im gettng a good word put in for me next year. thank you hallie. jordan will be doing it. i wanna see him in those shorts. drumline practice was semi productive. the awawa cadence is happening. i am definitely ing to make an awa appreciation group. awa did the talent show. so good. it was skyay avenue. people always speed the fuck up when there clapping. it pisses me off. willie is a musical god. he gave me a hug. i really didnt knowhe sang. i also didnt know it was a fucking fashion show. people just walked out in different clothes and there friends went insane. i was so fucking confused. i stirling can beeked something for the first time. im pretty sure i spelled it wrong. i had lost my ticket for the show.i had to buy another one. but i was out of cash. i traded matt milazzo my burrito for four bucks. i found like four buks of change in my backpack. i am so good at being sketchy!!!!!! i was gonna hang out with kevin and awa afterward but my mom picked me up. laaaaaaame. i missed anna. so i kept asking people "if i were a panda and you were a panda, would you let me ride on your back?". i actually got some good responses.i might make that my poll. my old poll did not do very well. i guess only nine people read this. harry potter is on. the first one. FUCKING FRESHMEN! i got kicked out of a bathroom by vote ronald. i hope david will start a how low cover band with me. i apologize if my phone pissed anyone off. i got maggies number, and i texted her, and it sent that to a bunch of people like, 2o times. it was ridiculous. that phone is brand new. i wish i could find my phones usb jaunt. i have pictures to put on here. laurel has my coat. laurel has my math book. laurel and anna and i were gonna go to the movies today. i guess not. i dont remember what happened yesterday and what happened thursday. i had such a bad cold.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

benny did not get blogged up

today was not a good day. drumline practice sucked. girls did not talk to me. i wrote another lame song about inflicting pain on people.

fight me.

just give up

kevin p STILL reads this blog. i am so good at blogging.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

benny got blogged up

today was a good day.there was drumline practice. also girls talked to me. also i wrote a song about curbstomping. also i played a lame song with bobby. also my shirt had a huge oil stain on it.