Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Out On White Night In Rome

my week started terrible.i looked and felt like shit. i couldnt sleep. i was fucking mad at everyone and didnt talk to and yesterday were so fucking great. i still cant sleep. i feel like im making friends again. i hung out with this girl named coco for a really long time. she seemed pretty cool. that was before the chorus concert. awa is SO GOOD. bridgette can sing ridiculously high. maggie played a song. it was really good. i hung out with maggie a lot yesterday throughout the band concert. teh band concert was really good. jazz band was amazing. i was amazing. you shouldve seen my sleigh bell solo. you should have seen mr grandesd failed abortion sing. it was amazingly adorable. pom cadence was so good. it felt good. gogo is always awkward cuz i dont know it. i went to a show today. lukas's brother was there. they played ska. mrs kelly was there drunk off her ass. it was hilarious.

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