Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Inner Children Are Runaways.

im gonna make an effort to blog everyday again. simply because i forget things that happen if i dont write them down. and i cant go on breaking kevins heart. i feel awkward writing this. its like talking to someone you used to be friends with but then didnt see for two years. which is why im never going to ask someone i know how theyre doing. its the least personal question imaginable. spoonboy got me thinking about it. spoonboy named cptain chaos. captain chaos has a song about sharpies that ive been looking for for months. i found it. and i lost it again.id just learn the song but i dont have a capo. i was in victor litz today, chexin out the double basses. im gonna be brutal as fuck.only im broke as fux. i dont know why im broke. i won 15 dollars playing dice at the corpse fortress. it was timbers last show. i got the very last cd and t shirt. the t shirt is a small. i havent worn a small since the third grade. but i did today. i felt kinda like a manwhore. timber played sooooo good. and i hung out with my brother for the first time in a long time. and i saw shawn.he DID expose himself. we were at lilas house. lila was the trojanette of the month. her interview was hilarious.i cant believe the paper let them publish that. school things arent supposed to be funny. school is supposed to be lame. like the school basketball game i went to. willie dropped his snare. everyones blaming it on me. i dont give a fuck. but then mr grande got mad at wouldnt let danny solo so he got depressed and wouldnt play. awa sang the star spangled banner.SO GOOD. but she apologized in the middle. she shouldve. no one wants to hear that song. fuck america. the going to europe thing started out as a joke but im really gonna do it. but ill do it like sumer through autumn. cause walking around aimlessly in the winter sucks. i hope they have taco bell in europe. i accidentally called a bunch of people this week. either because i was playi drums or because i was in an intense blow gun fight. me moira and scott got them at kb toys and just shout each other in that little place below the escalator. child4life. kb toys is going t of business. AT CHRISTMAS. A TOY STORE.AT CHRISTMAS. fuckvideogames. always ruining childhods and such.fucklife08 is almost over. noschool09 is about to go down. we got out for a water main break in BETHESDA. the system works. i ended up just throwing candy canes at people. i have two left. ill probly eat them. i cant wait to get my music back. i feel like something will go wrong because im a computer dumbass.ive been thinking about freeganism a lot lately. for those o you who dont know, its when you only buy vegan food but youll eat cheese an dairy if its in the garbage. i think its going to be my next poll. im gonna quit honey soon. apparently andrew drinks honey. thats fucking DISGUSTING.and it cant be good for you. ive been eating way too much fried food. not my fault thats the only way tofu tastes good. my sisters back. i barey notice her.shes nocturnal. but i will be in a few days. if i wake up past twelve i feel like its tolate to do anything. im gonna try really hard to hang out this break. because i never do.


i forgottogetritas08.

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