Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New years Resolutions

1.i will attain a triple bass pedal. i will then summon satan with the br00tality of blast beats.

2.fuck up WAAAAAYYY MORE SHIT. less sharpies. more spray paint. less blow darts. more knives.

3. vegan baking. more of it.

4.i am going to meet more amazing people in safeway. i will no longer let those bastards steal my 57 cents.

5. songs. im gonna write a hunnerd of em. if not a hunner and two.

6.come up with an alternative phrase to "fuck life 08". possible ideas are "fuck life 09" and "nos chool 09"

7.gotta shed them pounds for swim suit season.

8.have every arizona drink.

9. tell more people to fight me.

10. fight someone.

11. US tour.

12. tell more people to go to hell

13. be a nicer person.


15.obtain the same hat as cameron.

16. ask someone to ask me to the winter formal. that jaunts sadie hawkins.

17.learn the part to every cadence on every drum. jordan will then make a million new cadences and ill feel like an idiot.

18. sleep in a squat.

19. not get a disease sleeping in a squat.

20.educate the world on black history month.

21.have a band that practices more than 5 times.

22. quit that band because its getting "way to serious" use key phrases like "WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC" and "I NEED TO BE WITH MY FAMILY"

23.become the most stereotypical punk ever. get faux leather from rugged wear house. denounce all beliefs that arent shared by someone with a mohawk.

24. stop saying "peace" instead of "goodbye"

25. love beads. your gonna get em.

26.skate more.

27. study less.

28.learn to pig squeal. that shits awesome.

29. stop talking to my parents COMPLETELY.

30. learn to draw.

31.quit honey. i havent eaten honey in like a year but now im gonna start bragging about it.

32.campfires. need i say more?

33.public transportation. make small talk with the people that use it.

34. become less creepy, but more awkward.

35.talk to a girl.

36. talk to a guy.

37.tell EVERYONE i know that 09 is one second shorter than 08. SET YO CLOCKS


brian jenkins said...

i think 2008 was a leap year. it was a day longer not a second

jubert carlson said...

it was a second.
fucking fight me.

da Captain said...

number 15 shall never happen....try all you want but you will never measure to the captain haha.......number 28: just ask man.....ill make you a fuckin instructional video.......how ya like them apples?