Sunday, December 7, 2008

on and on and blog

nothing happened. nothing ever does. i need to do something new. i need a different instrument. i need a new genre to listen to. i need to hang out with a stranger. i need to get out of this fucking house. i need to go to old towne. i love old towne. im going to hang out there on new years.i dont care if my parents want me to go to some lame part.i find it amazing that ive just decided to hang out in old towne after school so many times and never had to hang out by myself. there was always some random person who was down. does anyone want to hang out in old towne? never mind. im broke. actually. im not broke. i haved fifty bucks. and im to lazy to get change for it. but i need 20 bucks. and i need to buy presents and shit. christmas is tottaly bull shit. people thinks its become to commercial. but if it wasnt about being commercial, it would probably be on jesus's birthday. i dont know why our family celebrates christmas. im pretty sure none of us are christians. or believe in religion at all. being sick sucks. yesterday i had an ear infection. today im not so sure. does anyone know if ear infections can just go away? im going deaf. i really am. i dont think ill be able to hear at all by the time im thirty. why the fuck would i want to be thirty. i just got a chain text message. there really annoying. ill fight her for sending it to me. someones status is GBURG GIRLS JVV BASKETBALL RULLLEEEEESSSSS. no one cares. your jv. and a girl. stay in the kitchen. and your not even playing football. what the hell. i miss football. concert band sucks. mr grande throws shit at me. which is confusing as fuck. he refuses to make eye contact with me when talking about next years line. im definitely getting bass. i cant wait til i can drive. im gonna randomly show up at peoples houses so much. like. people i dont know very well. and im just going to sleep on there floors. but itll be like noon. because thats how you make friends. and get stds. i need to come my fucking hair. bobby has my fucking guitar. i want my fucking guitar. ive been listening to a lot of hip hop lately.because punk is dead. and so is ska. my mom got me a mustard plug jacket. the really thin kind. that i will never wear ever. i wanted to see mustard plug twice. but my parents thought id get shot. i want to go to positive youth fest this year. i doubt my brother will give me a ride. im not sure why he hates me now. i dont know anything about my family. i think i missed the mc chris show. and the graf orlock show. i need to go to a fucking show. but im too "broke". i feel like shit. ive been writing this blog for like two hours. i just got showed a song called "marks song". its really gonna go for a walk after this. i need my coat back. why do so many people have my stuff? i plan to steal one of my brothers books. because i know he has like. a henry rollins book or something. i think im going to florida. i know we'll be eating at mcdonalds every day for like every meal. that means i will be drinking soda. mcdonalds was not even good when i was a bloodmouth. checkers was. checkers has the best fries.

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