Saturday, December 6, 2008

Writers blog.

thats right.
i had it.
fucking say something. i saw a bus crash. do you know what the fuck thats like? kids scraming, mirrors crashing, administrators waving there walkie talkies around like complete assholes. pure chaos. and this was only at like 5 miles per hour. you cut cut the intensity with a knife. being the good person i am i immediately started yelling at the kids then walking to chipotel. it was kevin p's bus. i always hang out at chipotle for a really long time. like multiple hours. laurel had nver been there before. unexcusable. i got way more stuff then i needed. like. chips and shit. it was delectable. empty cups piss brandon off. i was staying after school so that i could represent at the ghs talent show. i bought tickets in advance. t took forever for me to figure out where to buy them because it said EBONY AWARENESS in huge letters and talent show in really small letters.o one cares if your black. you are probably not the minority at gaithersburg. way to segregate yourself. after buying tickets one of them was like "that kids scared of black people". that could not be further from the truth. im scared of big people. i have black friends. i have black cousins. i could say the n word if i wanted to. but i dont. because im not fucking racist. i was also called a snowflake and if course, a "whack as white boy" i then chased franklyn done the hall screaming "YOU SCARED OF WHITE PEOPLE?!?!?!". he is. i saw someone who was one of the people i may know on facebook. but i didnt know them. i wasnted to say hi to them so i could say i did know them. but i didnt.bobby stole my fucking guitar. he hasnt given it back. we aced that song. and i got to jam with jason afterwards. im so bad at guitar. not for long. i actually practive a lot. like. at least an hour a day. or i would. if bobby didnt have my fuckin g guitar. mr o connor is really good at guitar. i am not going to be the pom drummer. but im gettng a good word put in for me next year. thank you hallie. jordan will be doing it. i wanna see him in those shorts. drumline practice was semi productive. the awawa cadence is happening. i am definitely ing to make an awa appreciation group. awa did the talent show. so good. it was skyay avenue. people always speed the fuck up when there clapping. it pisses me off. willie is a musical god. he gave me a hug. i really didnt knowhe sang. i also didnt know it was a fucking fashion show. people just walked out in different clothes and there friends went insane. i was so fucking confused. i stirling can beeked something for the first time. im pretty sure i spelled it wrong. i had lost my ticket for the show.i had to buy another one. but i was out of cash. i traded matt milazzo my burrito for four bucks. i found like four buks of change in my backpack. i am so good at being sketchy!!!!!! i was gonna hang out with kevin and awa afterward but my mom picked me up. laaaaaaame. i missed anna. so i kept asking people "if i were a panda and you were a panda, would you let me ride on your back?". i actually got some good responses.i might make that my poll. my old poll did not do very well. i guess only nine people read this. harry potter is on. the first one. FUCKING FRESHMEN! i got kicked out of a bathroom by vote ronald. i hope david will start a how low cover band with me. i apologize if my phone pissed anyone off. i got maggies number, and i texted her, and it sent that to a bunch of people like, 2o times. it was ridiculous. that phone is brand new. i wish i could find my phones usb jaunt. i have pictures to put on here. laurel has my coat. laurel has my math book. laurel and anna and i were gonna go to the movies today. i guess not. i dont remember what happened yesterday and what happened thursday. i had such a bad cold.

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