Monday, January 5, 2009

im gonna blog you forever

today kinda sucked. the morning was the most depressing thing in the world. some people are pretty pissed at me. in band class i had a free period and didnt talk to anyone. like straight up staring at my feet for 45 minutes. thats not even a little posi. then maggie taklked to me about brandons wrists. foundations of tech class is starting to get hard. mr colihan parties way to much. at lunch scott and joe and alex went to taco bell and i didnt cuz i was broke and didnt want to be late for math. what a loser. i went to get an arizona with lauren and laurel though. so it was alright. i got a call during lunch. thats never happened. it was a pleasant surprise. although i think it pissed people off. espescially that security guard. he was freaking out. i didnt get to finish my arizona. math class was terrible. i fauiled a summative test. like a 30 percent. im pretty sure this means ill have to take the class over again if i dont pass the exam. physics was actually good. the exam seems like itll be easy. there was a test in english class. i didnt do so well on it. i taught my siter how to cook. using my instructional voice. im ttryna get a copyt of my dance video.

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brandon said...

i demand one of these so-called anarchy pamphlets.

i can give you a libertarian one.