Wednesday, February 25, 2009


florida til sunday. call/text me on that 16 hour drive.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

blog sweatshirt

so im completely broke after friday? i definitely needed to go though. and you gotta eat. but saturday sucked cuz i couldnt go to the show. only two interesting things happened. lily lightsaber called me saying she had seen someone who looked just like me sprint past safeway. ive never heard someone say they saw someone who looked just like me. i also played rockband with james willett of MKH/NIHILITH/DANKE/KATIE DANCE and jason toner of COMMUNITY COLLEGE. it was like being a virtual gaithersburg punxxx.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

punk rock girl.

i got headbutted by a girl named cate.
you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A blog dedicated to the memory of stormy rabbit

my brother took my acoustic guitar into his room then fell asleep. now how am i supposed to win anyones heart? im gonna start lifting weights and writing poetry. did you know that twinkies have beef fat in them? that shits diisgusting. thats the really reason we got kicked out of chipotle. we brought in twinkies. still badass as fuck. remember that time i had that shirt that was a girls shirt and it had a dinosaur on it? daniela has that shirt. she might be transfering to gaithersburg. who needs erik sutch when you have daniela. i recently found 10 dollars worth of change in my room. i will be paying you guys back for things in change. i need to get money out of the bank soooo bad. ive never actually withdrawn money before. i need to stop wating money on metro tickets and food. theres gotta be some way to ride the metro for free. im gonna dumpster dive for farecards. steve found a fake amp can on wheels in the dumpster the other can imagine the times we had. gaithersburg acoustic fest is going to happen. eventually. whenever i get around to it. who wants to go to a show? i want to go to a going to find a place with cheap fried tofu. then i will eat there every day. because i cant seem to figure it out.who wants to start a folk punk band? im trying to write more songs. my new years resolutions are going great. you should all give me a high five. this blog is not entertaining. i swear to god my life is more exciting in real life. like, just yesterday i saw joe shmo and cate wood. i inflicted pain on both of them. my bad. i was just trying to show i cared. joe got "who will guard the guards" tatooed on his back in latin. im going to get a tatoo. something about gaithersburg or vegan straight edge or something. or some qoute from some really obscure band. in latin.fuck valentines day. depressed the shit out of me. then i didnt go to a show. there was a dance off. oh, what couldve been.

have you ever been guided around safeway by some girl with a light saber?

thats what i thought.



the cops were almost called after a large group of people sang baby im an anarchist in chipotle.
and drew ate my burrito.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


today i ate tofu and got punched in the face by a girl named steve.
she was native american so its all good though.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i choose you.

you know who you are.
everyone should ask to see my picture tommorow.
and my flier.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


today i spat on a cop car, burned money, then hung out with people that are different from me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

imma start blogging again

cuz of ALL the following reasons.
TELL ME it doesnt break your heart that that girl has been deprived of my blog. seriously.
cuz brandon thinks he has "the only blog that consistently updates".
and stop talking shit.
because i believe salimatoocoolforshool has accepted me. i was all like, walking through the hall right? and i hear her all like, HEY JUBERT behind me right?which is really nice cuz she didnt even HAVE to acknowledge my existence right?and we start chatting like civilized adults. we both believe that joe is a terrible person for saying those awful, awful things about lila. what did she ever do to anyone? i have permission to fight joe but only if i win. its nice to know shes rooting for me.

so a lots happened. and i guess itll all be a mystery because i didnt blog about it. but i acquired a strong hatred for bus drivers in kensington. and a strong love for bus drivers everywehre else.Gaithersburg officially died. i went to vegetable garden a lot. i met people who like plan-it-x bands. the only people worth hanging out with.WHOS GOING TO THE SICK FIX COKE BUST SHOW TOMMOROW!?!??
i hate this fucking town.
its time to burn this motherfucker down.
its time to have some motherfucking fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

neva surrenda

cuz blog war doesnt solve anything.
heres emily
"My reputation's mostly been made so much better by ex-boyfriends and extremely non-judgmental people that spend all their time caring and being there for people that they've known for all their lives.. I'm referring to someone in particular, named Zach Martens. and if I talk to you a lot, you may know who I mean. If it's you and you've realized it, I fucking loveyou, you attractive selfless kitty. I hope you live a very long life with all the people that love you so very much. You're the nicest person ever who never says anything bad about anyone because you know how to be a true friend. I trust you with all of my friends because I know that you would never hurt them and that you'll only make their lives better. You always try to get people to see the optomistic side of things and help them when you're down. You cry about getting fucking 89%'s on tests because you care about your future and want to do well. You blog about how much drama you have with girls which is weird because I'm sure any girl would love to be with you. You should change your haircolor often because I think it would look amazing. You always manage to be there when I hang with my friends, and meeting you was the greatest moment of my life up to that point. You are the one person I can say I really truly love, and even knowing that you're still alive and breathing helps me get by on a daily basis. You actually know there is more than just fucking people, which is why you're a good person. I just realized the hair color thing might've given it away. Oh well, I don't think I'd give a damn if he read it, since he already knows how amazing he is. I probably understated how much I love him though. Bleh. I am ranting horribly right now. But at least I finally got that out of my system. ILY ZACH :]"

neva back down

quick blog reunion tour.
but not the kind where they play there own songs.
the kind where they got ither people to do so for them
heres nate "not zach" martens.
"My reputation's mostly been made better by ex-girlfriends and accepting cool kids that have nothing better to do than talk nicely about people they have known all their lives.I'm referring to Emily in particular, and I talk to you a lot, you know who I mean because i just told you. If it's you and you've realized it, I fucking love you, you beautiful stallion, you. I hope you live the rest of your life very happily eating vegetqarian foodstuffs and are given a proper burial. You're a very lovely person who tells people great things about them and brad pitt because you have lots of friends who would spend all their lives talking to you if they could. You run around happily enjoying yourself left and right, and you've honestly got to, because i love when you do it and it makes me happy on the inside. I see you have met one of my closest friends and im sure that things will go great! im very happy for the both of you.You always tell people about life, how it's so great, when your parents make great money. You cry about getting fucking 89%'s on tests because you are such a good student.You blog about how much you love everyone when I'm certain there isn't a guy in the world that wouldn't love to be able to be right next to you. You change your haircolor every month, and it just gets prettier every time.You always manage to be there when I need you around, and someday, I'll be so happy to be talking to you, and it'll be the greatest moment of my life up to that point. You are the one person I can say anything to, and even knowing that you're still alive and breathing makes me feel happy inside. Every guy will never have the chance to fuck you because you respect yourself. The hair color thing might've given it away that i find you oh so very attractive x]. Oh well, I hope you read this since these are my true feelings for you. I probably understated how much I love you though. Bleh. I am bawlling right now i miss you so much. But at least I finally got that out of my system."

mark again.
love you emily.
we should definitely hang out more
let me know if you need someone to get punched in the motherfucking teeth.
zach and mark