Monday, February 16, 2009

A blog dedicated to the memory of stormy rabbit

my brother took my acoustic guitar into his room then fell asleep. now how am i supposed to win anyones heart? im gonna start lifting weights and writing poetry. did you know that twinkies have beef fat in them? that shits diisgusting. thats the really reason we got kicked out of chipotle. we brought in twinkies. still badass as fuck. remember that time i had that shirt that was a girls shirt and it had a dinosaur on it? daniela has that shirt. she might be transfering to gaithersburg. who needs erik sutch when you have daniela. i recently found 10 dollars worth of change in my room. i will be paying you guys back for things in change. i need to get money out of the bank soooo bad. ive never actually withdrawn money before. i need to stop wating money on metro tickets and food. theres gotta be some way to ride the metro for free. im gonna dumpster dive for farecards. steve found a fake amp can on wheels in the dumpster the other can imagine the times we had. gaithersburg acoustic fest is going to happen. eventually. whenever i get around to it. who wants to go to a show? i want to go to a going to find a place with cheap fried tofu. then i will eat there every day. because i cant seem to figure it out.who wants to start a folk punk band? im trying to write more songs. my new years resolutions are going great. you should all give me a high five. this blog is not entertaining. i swear to god my life is more exciting in real life. like, just yesterday i saw joe shmo and cate wood. i inflicted pain on both of them. my bad. i was just trying to show i cared. joe got "who will guard the guards" tatooed on his back in latin. im going to get a tatoo. something about gaithersburg or vegan straight edge or something. or some qoute from some really obscure band. in latin.fuck valentines day. depressed the shit out of me. then i didnt go to a show. there was a dance off. oh, what couldve been.

have you ever been guided around safeway by some girl with a light saber?

thats what i thought.


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