Thursday, February 5, 2009

imma start blogging again

cuz of ALL the following reasons.
TELL ME it doesnt break your heart that that girl has been deprived of my blog. seriously.
cuz brandon thinks he has "the only blog that consistently updates".
and stop talking shit.
because i believe salimatoocoolforshool has accepted me. i was all like, walking through the hall right? and i hear her all like, HEY JUBERT behind me right?which is really nice cuz she didnt even HAVE to acknowledge my existence right?and we start chatting like civilized adults. we both believe that joe is a terrible person for saying those awful, awful things about lila. what did she ever do to anyone? i have permission to fight joe but only if i win. its nice to know shes rooting for me.

so a lots happened. and i guess itll all be a mystery because i didnt blog about it. but i acquired a strong hatred for bus drivers in kensington. and a strong love for bus drivers everywehre else.Gaithersburg officially died. i went to vegetable garden a lot. i met people who like plan-it-x bands. the only people worth hanging out with.WHOS GOING TO THE SICK FIX COKE BUST SHOW TOMMOROW!?!??
i hate this fucking town.
its time to burn this motherfucker down.
its time to have some motherfucking fun.

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