Wednesday, February 4, 2009

neva surrenda

cuz blog war doesnt solve anything.
heres emily
"My reputation's mostly been made so much better by ex-boyfriends and extremely non-judgmental people that spend all their time caring and being there for people that they've known for all their lives.. I'm referring to someone in particular, named Zach Martens. and if I talk to you a lot, you may know who I mean. If it's you and you've realized it, I fucking loveyou, you attractive selfless kitty. I hope you live a very long life with all the people that love you so very much. You're the nicest person ever who never says anything bad about anyone because you know how to be a true friend. I trust you with all of my friends because I know that you would never hurt them and that you'll only make their lives better. You always try to get people to see the optomistic side of things and help them when you're down. You cry about getting fucking 89%'s on tests because you care about your future and want to do well. You blog about how much drama you have with girls which is weird because I'm sure any girl would love to be with you. You should change your haircolor often because I think it would look amazing. You always manage to be there when I hang with my friends, and meeting you was the greatest moment of my life up to that point. You are the one person I can say I really truly love, and even knowing that you're still alive and breathing helps me get by on a daily basis. You actually know there is more than just fucking people, which is why you're a good person. I just realized the hair color thing might've given it away. Oh well, I don't think I'd give a damn if he read it, since he already knows how amazing he is. I probably understated how much I love him though. Bleh. I am ranting horribly right now. But at least I finally got that out of my system. ILY ZACH :]"

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