Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinosaurs Will Blog

oh man. shits been crazy.not really.people need to stop showing up to school intoxicated and talking to me. i dont find it know what is impressive? i told like 20 people that i saw them at the mall. me and zach were at the mall because we were trying to see cate. we took the bus the wrong way. we got there 45 minutes late. we bought a guitar and played a show at hot topic.over the weekend i hung out with sarah and the captain. it was quite some fun. everyone now feels the back of my head. its really fucking weird. ive been getting so much shit for my hair. ive been called the n word so many times.
thats basically all that happened.

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TeddyBearGuts said...

psh i love yo hurrr, girl. work it.