Thursday, March 26, 2009

Id Neverr Write A Song About a Blog

kimi wants me too update this jaint. thats mothafuxxin triflin. the kid next to me in tech class jacked my rake, im pretty sure he jacked my english book too. stealings only cool when its from wal mart. im just gonna move to europe and steal shit and play guitar. travelin by my thumbs and shit.Ill probly go to latvia. latvian girls have amazingly attractive eyes. at least from my studies. il drag cate there cuz she promised. i havent talked to her in a while,. bummer as fux. imma make a hardcore band about kids throwing shit at yo pancake dread when yer not looking. shits old. i think im going to b twon tommorow. i probly wont skate cuz drew jacked up his foot. bummer as fux. imma make cupcakes for his birtthday/ captains vegan day. I JUST KEEP ON GETTING CHEERLEADERS NUMBERS. they need to back the fuck off. bethesda kinda sucks now. too many tweleve year olds. i really hope spring breaks like winter break. except more skating. and street performing. and traveling by my thumbs and stealing shit.ill probly go to kensington. people from kensington have amazingly attractive eyes. im looking at you cody. imma try to see metrophish eventually. i hear they have a girl violin bass player. thats SOOOOOO cliche.if im not on a mini drinking arizona by tommorow imma gonna flip the fuck OUT

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