Saturday, March 21, 2009

Street Lights

i went to bethesda yesterday. we saw emily on the metro. she told us maribeth tore down the fence at K-Town and now there trying to close it down. they also found a water bottle bong and were like "GOTTA BE COCAINE".lily lightsaber and wittzenbuuuuuurrrrgggggggg were there when i showed up. i then found out that lily was straight and i would not be getting a free burrito. bummer as fuxxxx. JOE MOTHER FUCKING SHMOE WAS THERE!!!! we street performed together.cate was there. apparently shes not pissed at us.a cheerleader gave me her number. i dont think im gonna call her. VEGAN PUTLUXXX 2NITE. sarah is out of groundation for this one.there will actully be four vegans there this time.I saw this kid was hardline for three days then broke edge but stayed vegan. i wish i had the gaithersbat. woulda fuxxed him up.i cop came and told kiids he encouraged them smoking as long as it wasnt atchipotle.KILLCOPSKILLCOPSSTEALDREWSSKATEBOARD. imma go to Ktown with drew next weekend. havent skated on a mini in so long. im looking forward to it.

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