Sunday, March 8, 2009

that blog isnt funny anymore

i had the most wonderful weekend. i went to bethesda to hang with lilylatvia/ i met so many new people/arizona flavors/dumpsters full of promotional tools. i also found out mcdonalds pies were vegan. yesterday i was gonna go to the sea sleep show but i got to fuxing punx to adhere to my plans and went to sticky fingers and sarahs house instead. i hate rockville SO much but i had such a good time. everyone in rockville is either 10, rich, or thinks there gangster as hell. plus there was some serious g burg hate going on in the california tortilla. we made way to many jokes about zach though.and sarah got way to into word play. still love those kids. today i went tto the best city in the world. nuff said.

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