Sunday, April 5, 2009


so i went to this show yesterday rite?good stuff. i picked up lexxy and we went to the metro jaunt and got sarah.lexxys pretty goddamned obsessed with hair.we went to sticky fingers and didnt even steal anything.i quit quitting arizona. shawnxgaithersburg was there and we called ambrose.i got slapped in the face by some guy from i decide. i then jumped on his back. i saw like 4 people on this one guys back that kept pointing lasers into peoples houses.i taped the commie pinkos. them kids had some serious built up rage. he made people spit on him. he later gave me an educational experience about guns. he was a really cool guy. lexxy went with the drummer to "talk" and me and sarah freaked out. im a little dissapointed that sarah wouldnt mosh. copstabber turned out to be a pop punk band made of 40 year old homophobes. fuck that shit. i saw a kid there with his family. just like my first time. i was gonna go talk to him but he was wearing an acdc shirt. fuck that. i skipped the last few bands to talk to people because old men were windmilling in the pit. not cool. got a flat on the ride home. sarah held me for warmth. appreciated. today i went out to dinner and played melodica. tommorow i hope to do something fun. i now have nothing planned til the cokebust passover show. should be great show.
oh yeah.
i saw a guy on a bike with a matress attached to him ride down the street at 11 30 pm.

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