Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the girl at the blog show

that has to be the worst title in the world. i dont care. do you know how many people fuckign read this blog? A LOT. some are even girls and everything. SOME OOF THEM DONT EVEN HAVE BLOGS. i bet you feel pretty inadequate. ONE OF THEM EVEN ANONYMOUSLY TOLD ME TO KEEP DOING SO.i will never be able to sleep again. please step forward. today i didnt do coke while driving and not wearing a seatbelt. i felt like i was really giving back to the community. keep recyclin son. its almost my birthday. i know because one of my friends texted me saying it was almost my birthday. i think im gonna play bass in a grindcore band. its gonna be really weird. all i ever want to do ever is play drums. i at one point actually had enough money for a double bass pedal. i then spent 300 dollars on metro tickets. i fuckin love columbia heights. the yellow line actually is yellow. weird shit.sick fix blew a fuse during there set.i went with sarah and hung out with kat and found out skittles were vegan. SARAH READS THIS BLOG. thats sarah and kevin p. i win so much. i ate skittles and hung out with erika. monday was really boring but i ate 4 burritos. taco bell hot sauces are purple and no longer say anything witty or romantic.

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