Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Alllright so Jubert was awesome enough to trust me with this sacred blog jaunts and im not about to make him regret this, so here goes my day:
1. chem class is a sad whore, nobody cares about it and the teacher is oblivious. besides doing a lab about magic color changing water, we talking about how the end is nigh and shit. seriously, measles just turns up in montgomery county, oh and SWINE FLU, watchthefuckout. and im pretty sure the black plague and ebola virus are just about as unavoidable, wait for it.

2. spanish class is a downward spiral, not even the slow kind. the fast kind that pisses off your dad when he finds out about it on edline.

3. magical martial arts. nuff said. if you havent seen it, youre not living yet

sooooo uhhyeahh. speedblogging. 


-sarah lock.

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