Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pimp The System

so some shits went down. i guest blogged on kimis blog. you should check that shit out. sunday basically kicked ass. i laughed like the whole day. i went to georgetown with sarah and we hung out with a bunchof scene kids.i was the only kid without some kind of peircing. awkwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. we saw these flyers. ill figure out how to upload it later. it was like a biography of some prostitute that chilled at neiman marcus and was a heavy eater.we saw jesus on the sidewalk. we found cody and kinsey at urban outfitters and we went to commander salamander and stuff.we tried to go to a tea house with a really racist name but instead went to a fifties diner. the burgers were really difficult.sarah thought i stole her wallet. words hurt.while we were waiting at this bus stop we saw this homeless guy.
sketchy right? the bus passed us and he screamed YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH. so we left. sarahs super hella cool. were going to a show tomorow.i quit arizona. yeah. i dont even feel like me anymore.i was getting addicted. im so lame i cant even handle tea. im tired all the time now. i might quit caffine all together. hardxline. cate says she wants to start a serious should be fun. if it ever happens. the distance could be a problem. but im in bethesda like every week anyway.PEOPLE BEEN TALKIN SHIT ABOUT ME.fightme

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