Sunday, April 26, 2009

shoot the kids at school

crazy weekend. friday was six flags. I DID A FUCKING PHYSICS TEST ON "DONT STOP BELIEVIN" BY JOURNEY. easiest.A.09. worked my tan bro. ladies are gonna be all up ons. this girl from arizona transferred to our physics class. they sold arizona at schools and in vending machines and everyone drank them. i think id like to live there one day. i was really mad because i got back to school late. and i had me a motherfunking show to go to. STZA DIDNT EVEN DO ANY ANGEL DUST OR DRINK ANYTHING THAT DAY. and he wouldnt stop complaining about it. but it was such a good show. max levine played my jam. it was the only band i danced to. cuz scene kids dont know how to mosh.and they use the word mosh as every fucking verb.sarah didnt go. second week she bailed on me. but she called me during good luck saying she wasnt punx and she broke vegan and hated mexicans. stza was really good. he played born to die, i sddont really like bomb the music industry. cept that one song about september 11th. cheers me up everytime.saturday was really weird and im not going into it. chillin on the sabbath.

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