Sunday, April 26, 2009

this blog needs some serious scott.

i ate lunch with scotts sister. SPOONBOY SHOWS COMIN TO GAITHERSBURG. GRAB YO GAITHERSBURG IS GREAT SHIRTS AND GO TO THAT SHIT. DEAD MILKMEN COMING TO BALTIMORE. GRAB YO PUNK ROCK GIRLS AND GO TO THAT SHIT. ANOTHER VEGAN POTLUCK COMING UP. GRAB YO NUTRITIONAL YEAST AND GO TO THAT SHIT. im trying to write songs again. but my parents always walk into the basement and stand around awkwardly. i was gonna makea myspace but then i realized im not good and people dont use myspace. so fuck that. today i had to throw out the entire life of my grandfather. nobody seemed to care. i went to roots after. tofutti pan pizzas are the best thing ever. im boutta make some fake fish filets.

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brian jenkins said...

this comment has some serious scott