Wednesday, April 29, 2009


SO YALL ARE GETTING WHAT YOU FUCKING HAD COMING. filthy meat eaters and your capatalist swine flu.but seriously.diseases are bad. am i right? but the 90s are sooooooo goood. my russian class rebelled against mrs. sonsevs evil regime. first she kicks out veeektor then she doesnt let nick pee? no sireee. this is AMERICA. somebodys asked me to post this for the first time in like ever.its a lot of fucking pressure. remember when every kid who thought they were somebody had a blog? yeah. so do i. in tech class i listened for a half hour about some guy threatening to curbstomp me. laaaammeeee. thats such a nazi thing to do. and nazis are bad, am i right?4 songs down. 96 to go. then ill release some discography and go on a reunion tour. FOOZLE THIS SATURDAY. mooooooooooosssssssshhhhhhhh. im gonna punch some crust punx in the face. what are they gonna do? NOT TAKE A SHOWER. AM I RIGHT!?!?!? infested is like the crust version of steal my sunshine. SSOOOOOO GOOOODDD. makes me smile. anyone out there tell me what the song by one of stzas bands is thats all like WHOOAAAHHHH HEYHEYHEY HEYHEYHEY. ill be your bestest friend. no lie. cupcakes and everything. my sister just came home. for no reason. like to get food or whatever. thats pretty cool. i know if i ever move out i can still get all my necessary supllies from here. my sister could beat up sarahs sister. i might post me and haileys conversation later. shes a snitch. what a snitch. someones about to get fought. and its me. who would have my back in a gang fight? BUM FUXXX CREW GONNA FUXXX UP SOME PUNXXX. FIVEFINGERSUNSHINEDISCOUNT09

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