Friday, May 29, 2009

ANOTHER blog about the rain.

its friday night and im all alone. everyones out at prom or getting high or whatver kids do. im sitting on facebook fucking with haley lock.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hollow Shell

Eric Sedwick kicked me out of his house. So i wandered around gathersburg by myself for a few hours like i used to. smash this weekend with sarah.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Restaurant

i should eat geese for SSSOOOOO MANY REASONS. like. for one FUCK GEESE. nobody fucking likes geese. second of all. lions eat geese. if lions eat geese why cant i eat geese? geese can barely even fly. there like fat children. and i decide told me that everything thats overweight should be purified. and theyre i decide. ITS ONLY PUNXXXX IF YOU CANT REMEMBER IT THE NEXT DAY.amiriteamirite? and anotehr thing. geese always be coming after my friends. sarah lock never did nothin to no one. she didnt take no revenge or nothin. id go as far as to say it would be helpful to eat geese. making all sorts of noise and what not.fuck geese.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kind Of Like Smitten

devin "the blood" o'neil tickled my stomach.
be still my heart.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Blog About the Rain

MY BROTHER ATE BOTH TOFFUTI PIZZASSSSSSSSSSSSSS.WHAT.THE.FUCK.ive had nothing but vegan alfredo all day. i feel sick. i got to sleep in today because i took the hsa in the seventh grade. i had a great weekend. roman , sarah "pawnk rawk gwwrrrl" and i went to a record shop and asked for a certain mojo nixon.i got three records and a back pack of free drinks.and id like to think some new kicked ass even though sarah and roman bailed after like three hours. but i met this really clean homeless girl who was afraid to drink my drank.also lizzie hook was there. she could definitely beat me up and take everything i own. we ate guacamole and stuff. on saturday i hot tubbed with lesbians. nuf said. pimpthesystem09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


drumline after school tommorow. then hanging the fuck out. then a concert. then possibly more hanging the fuck out. then sleeping. then school. then hanging the fuck out and eating burritos. then hanging the fuck out and playing drums in gaithersburg. this weekend looks promising as hell. i might even hang out with a girl. and go record shopping. im gonna miss the fuck out of drumline. i might play ultimate frisbeeeeeeee tommorow. GAITHERSHATERS FUCK OFF. its gonna be great.nothing happened today at all. mymomskippedchurchwhenshewassixteenandimherpunishment09

Saturday, May 9, 2009

rock the 40 oz

id talk about the show, but i cant do it justice. good shit. i feel so empty accomplishing my goal of 100 blogs.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This is pretty damn special, congratulations mark jubert on having your 100th blog post/not writing your own 100th blogpost on your own blog. too cool for the internets..?
Theres really nothing going on except anticipation of tomorrow's show.
spoonboy, drug money, lost tourists, foozle, the sea life and baby wolf. should be awesome!

p.s. jubert better make mass amounts of cupcakes. cause vegan cupcakes dont make themselves. i dont care if his chocolate chips taste funny or whatever, he better find some magical way to fix that.

p.p.s. my homemade salsa will hopefully be officially awesome by tomorrow, with the flavors all melded together and whatnot, cause that took like over an hour to make. and its not even that much salsa, hopefully enough people will get to try it. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BITCHESSZZ


This Blog needs some serious Scott

Hiya. Um... So yeah. I'm being a stupid idiot. I feel so unattractive and lame.
Mark went to the art show no times. I had no photography things because I suck at everything that involves art. Fuck me.
I'm going to this GHS punk "show" tonight cuz my friend (james willett) is in it. Don't go see it. Me and my other friend will be in the front screaming all the words to every MKH song.
FYI-I'm Scott
People shouldn't blog more. Salimatoocooltoletotherpeoplewriteblogs doesn't want you to. You should blog anyways.
Did you see that picture of Mark at the art show? It wasn't very magical.
I have everything to say.

PS The next post is Mark's 100th post!

I am a loser

Hiya. Um... So yeah. I'm being a guest blogger. I feel so special.
I went to the art show 5 times. I had two photography things. Yay me.
I'm going to this GHS dance "showcase" tonight cuz my friend (she's like the nicest person ever) is in it. Go see it. Me and my other friend will be the two losers in the front screaming embarrassing things to her and trying to start the wave.
FYI-I'm Scott's sister.
People should blog more. I blog at least once a week. You should too.
Did you see that picture of Mark at the art show? It was very magical.
I don't really have anything at all to say.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moneys Not An Issue

i found 5 bucks in quarters in a paper bag in my closet. and like a million tokens and tickets. im gonna use it to metro somewhere exotic. like the blue line or something.

Monday, May 4, 2009


i might be in a grindcore band with THE brendan mullin. up the fuxxin private school punxx. my father is extremely terrrified of jehovas witnesses. sarahs dream show involves no bands, fliers and people. captain may be in a gogo band. i might see ghost mice heathers and the max levine ensemble june 10th. gonna be good shit.spoonboy and gaithersburg. hypehypehype. tell all your friends. apparently two kids from gaithersburg had swine flu. i think its bull shit.
fuck off.

Friday, May 1, 2009

At The Museum

im at home on a friday night for the first time in months. this is much more depressong than i remembered it. but i think im going to a show tommorow so its all good. this swine flu shit is getting CRAZY ABSURD. kids in my tech class were wearing gloves and refusing to touch anything.carrying a fucking pack of pledge wipes around. thats not a life i want to live. crust or die. im trying to figure out how to get to columbia but the metro map crashes my computer. who wants to help me out?you like music?you like awa?you like mix tape? course you do. you should go check out that musical jaunt. its got everything. drug overdoses. 5 minute songs about first erections. mix tape. awa. course you wanna see it. i went on crazy adventures with scott. stealin ice and attempting to dumpster and shit. i see david louge like everytime i hang out in gaithersburg. im really bad at getting people to give me money. and thats my only hope for the future.but i gave daniel black a clif bar and then katie gave me two bucks to get in. what a swell person.i also managed to get a buck 30 of the klepto in tech class.jesus fuck this is depressing.
im gonna go play guitar.