Friday, May 8, 2009


This is pretty damn special, congratulations mark jubert on having your 100th blog post/not writing your own 100th blogpost on your own blog. too cool for the internets..?
Theres really nothing going on except anticipation of tomorrow's show.
spoonboy, drug money, lost tourists, foozle, the sea life and baby wolf. should be awesome!

p.s. jubert better make mass amounts of cupcakes. cause vegan cupcakes dont make themselves. i dont care if his chocolate chips taste funny or whatever, he better find some magical way to fix that.

p.p.s. my homemade salsa will hopefully be officially awesome by tomorrow, with the flavors all melded together and whatnot, cause that took like over an hour to make. and its not even that much salsa, hopefully enough people will get to try it. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BITCHESSZZ


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