Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Blog About the Rain

MY BROTHER ATE BOTH TOFFUTI PIZZASSSSSSSSSSSSSS.WHAT.THE.FUCK.ive had nothing but vegan alfredo all day. i feel sick. i got to sleep in today because i took the hsa in the seventh grade. i had a great weekend. roman , sarah "pawnk rawk gwwrrrl" and i went to a record shop and asked for a certain mojo nixon.i got three records and a back pack of free drinks.and id like to think some new kicked ass even though sarah and roman bailed after like three hours. but i met this really clean homeless girl who was afraid to drink my drank.also lizzie hook was there. she could definitely beat me up and take everything i own. we ate guacamole and stuff. on saturday i hot tubbed with lesbians. nuf said. pimpthesystem09

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