Friday, May 1, 2009

At The Museum

im at home on a friday night for the first time in months. this is much more depressong than i remembered it. but i think im going to a show tommorow so its all good. this swine flu shit is getting CRAZY ABSURD. kids in my tech class were wearing gloves and refusing to touch anything.carrying a fucking pack of pledge wipes around. thats not a life i want to live. crust or die. im trying to figure out how to get to columbia but the metro map crashes my computer. who wants to help me out?you like music?you like awa?you like mix tape? course you do. you should go check out that musical jaunt. its got everything. drug overdoses. 5 minute songs about first erections. mix tape. awa. course you wanna see it. i went on crazy adventures with scott. stealin ice and attempting to dumpster and shit. i see david louge like everytime i hang out in gaithersburg. im really bad at getting people to give me money. and thats my only hope for the future.but i gave daniel black a clif bar and then katie gave me two bucks to get in. what a swell person.i also managed to get a buck 30 of the klepto in tech class.jesus fuck this is depressing.
im gonna go play guitar.

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