Friday, May 8, 2009

This Blog needs some serious Scott

Hiya. Um... So yeah. I'm being a stupid idiot. I feel so unattractive and lame.
Mark went to the art show no times. I had no photography things because I suck at everything that involves art. Fuck me.
I'm going to this GHS punk "show" tonight cuz my friend (james willett) is in it. Don't go see it. Me and my other friend will be in the front screaming all the words to every MKH song.
FYI-I'm Scott
People shouldn't blog more. Salimatoocooltoletotherpeoplewriteblogs doesn't want you to. You should blog anyways.
Did you see that picture of Mark at the art show? It wasn't very magical.
I have everything to say.

PS The next post is Mark's 100th post!

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