Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking Straight Ahead

things have changed. im a different person. i have no hair. i have a job. i have a pop punk band. i have watching a tv right now. ive stayed in a gated community. i feel so cold. its all good because im still vegan unlike everyone else. LEXXYZACHHALEY. tours changed me. i met so many people. ate so much food out of dumpsters. listened to wingnut dishwashers union. had cliche tour memories. made drifter friends. missed my chance to see drifter friends.was extremely mad that i was lied to. the same day i failed to find any odwalla. such a bummer. talked to lila. lied to lila about not knowing the words to control songs. felt bad the next time i talked to luciano. got a bunch of new hardcore records.i cant remember much of what i did this summer. it was nice though. sarahs been gone for a month. i missed a lot of shows. shes back. had cliche summer memories. i think my parents are going to a cokebust show. i dont want to go back to being the kid who brought parents to a hardcore show. started riding bikes. trespassed a lot. summers about to become more exciting. practice and show tommorow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

No One Stays At The Blog Forever

i think salimatu shouted out my cupcakes on her blog.