Wednesday, August 12, 2009


SO the plan today was me and jubert were gonna go hang out in gaithersburg, you know, do what gaithersburg kids do. cause jubert is always in rockville/bethesda/traveling like 98072343 miles from his house to get anywhere. so we met up at shady grove and then we were gonna take the 55 to old town or sumthin'. WE TOOK THE WRONG 55 BUS to rockville, then got off on some street and took it the actual right way and spent money and im officially 100% broke now. we eventually got to old town and walked 50 feet and encountered the coke bust van (runnnnin on vegetable fuel) and we had to get in and then went all the way back to juberts house. and now im writing this blog. papa jubert just came down with watermelon on toothpicks, kinda rad. REALLLY rad?
we suck at planning ahead. we have no idea what were doing.
this is so much fun


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